Price books rule with different discounts per product type

Hi folks, we’ve introduced a new pricing structure to our customers and I’m struggling to add rules that give the correct discount, I’ll describe below an example of what I’d like to achieve if you can advise if it’s possible (and how)? 1. An order of 2+ casks gets 5% discount - this is no problem and I can achieve this with a rule. 2. An order of 4+ containers (mix of cask and/or keg i.e. 3 x keg & 1 x cask or 2 x keg & 2 x cask) gets 5% discount - this is the one I’m struggling with as I can’t seem to combine it with number 1. Is it possible?

So, 2-3 cask get 5% and 4-∞ (of cask and/or keg) get 5% Is that it?

Yeah, thats it. (My post has to be at least 20 characters…)

I don’t think this is possible, I’m afraid. Only one rule can be applied per price book and a rule can only have one set of product requirements. So there would be no way to say that the first discount applies only to casks and then second discount applies to casks/kegs. I’m sorry about that.

I wondered if “stack parent rules” was useful here? It’s claimed that these are applied “first”. Or is it that the rules are just gathered up (with parent rules at the top of the list, as it were) and only one of them applied?

With “Stack parent rules” (rules stacked from parent price book(s)), the rules are applied in order, starting with the highest price book in the hierarchy. If you were to set these up as two separate rules in two separate price books (one the parent of the other), it would mean that an order for 2 kegs and 2 casks would get both 5% discounts applied in order. The first rule would pick up on two casks and apply the 5% discount to each cask, then the second rule would pick up on 2 kegs and 2 casks and apply a further 5% discount to the total, meaning the casks had two sets of 5% discounts. @Gemma, I don’t believe you wanted both rules to apply at once (i.e. two sets of 5% discounts applied to casks), but I’m not sure?

Right, yes, sorry. You know, the price book rules thing is quite awkward, esp. when compared to the “rule builder” used for best before & delivery.

I can’t see that Gemma’s requirement is totally “out there”, so how would we achieve something like this?

Ahh that’s a shame, there seems so much flexibility so it’s frustrating we can’t achieve this. You’re right Matt in your ‘stack parent rules’ post that we don’t want to apply two sets of 5% discount. At the moment all we can do is manually apply the extra discount but this relies on someone remembering to do that and I’d really rather make things as fool-proof as possible. If there’s any way around this I’d appreciate your thought/input. Cheers.

The rule builder UI for BBE and delivery rules is better and is newer. It would certainly be nice to swap price books to use this as well. However, it still doesn’t get around the issue. For an order with 2 kegs and 2 casks, there would be no way to say that the first rule which fits the 2 casks should be discarded even though it fits the requirements. The same would happen in reverse if you were to reverse the ordering of the rules. In its current state, this very much fits into the realm of a person being capable of deciding the overall discount that fits, but there being no logical way to program a computer to “decide” that the first rule that fits should be ignored. So I’m afraid there is no workaround to this, I’m really sorry, Gemma!

A rule which matches only cask, another rule which only matches the mixed containers (and presumably one which matches only keg) is conceivable, and certainly programmable. But perhaps not in the rule builder as it stands.

I see what you mean, but if you set this up and then added a can product to the order, this would mean the rule no longer matches and you’d lose the discount on the kegs/casks (unless I’m missing something). This would mean you’d need to have rules to account for every scenario of products on the order, or we would have to add further complication to the setup to disregard other product types. But then what if you want a separate discount on cans and/or bottles and wouldn’t want this to get in the way of your cask/keg discounts? You can see how complicated it can get (and therefore difficult for the user to navigate) and how a human can just ‘decide’ what the final discount structure should be whilst disregarding certain things.

I’m more than happy to keep discussing this in case we can find a solution, but I’m going to move this to a new thread to avoid clogging up the original help document!

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Well, trivially (and not ideally) we’d work around this by not doing it. i.e. only placing items to which these rules might apply on an order. Oh no, now I have to do a separate order / invoice / delivery paperwork for those half dozen cans.

But all we’re really doing with that is saying that cans shouldn’t be considered in the calculation. So what we need to do is look at an order, see what discounts are applicable on this order - and apply them only to the eligible lines.

Have done a FR: Better price book / discount rules - Ideas & feature requests - Breww Community

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