Price list improvements

Thanks for adding this feature. it is already really useful. Got some feature requests:

  • Filtering/sorting on type (in a seperate column in a sheet)
  • for export customers the option to mention plato
  • the integration of multiple discount rates in a pricebook really would benefit this feature as well.
  • if the customer receives “excise duty free pricing”, show these prices

Lesser importance but of use if you would ever want to be able to generate a list that you could communicate directly to a customer:

  • Ad a description field relate to beer description
  • export to pdf
  • turn fields (e.g. product code) on/off
  • fancy formatting with logo
  • disclaimer (“prices subject to change/errors”) and text field (e.g. which month the list relates to)

Thanks, I’m sure we can build an even better price list with these suggestions :+1:

I’m just linking to another related thread so we have all the information to hand when we come to plan & make these changes.

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Morning, we are looking to input a 2022 price increase and I was wondering if there was a away of removing all obsolete products. Deleting the clutter out of the system by deleting these obsolete products all together. I also wanted to ask if you were able to set up a way to print, download pdf’s of price lists to send out to the customer. With branded heading, SKU, abv, price per unit and price per pint as an example?

Thanks, these are great suggestions for an even better price list :+1:

There was already a thread on price lists, so I’ve moved your post to part of this so we can keep everything in one place. Please can you give this idea a vote (with the button at the top) to move it up the priority list?

I agree with the other request above. The ability to send a price increase notification to all. Set a template up for an email, then send to all contacts with either just a new price list, or a pre and post.

Plus the ability to filter by SKU, beer, container type.

Thank you

The Price list feature would help us no end if, if Breww generated an email template with that used actual data from the available stock, that would save so much time.

Thank you for the great suggestions here regarding price list improvements!

I will make sure I provide an update here once we have any developments regarding this feature.

Please vote for this feature with the button above to help move it up the development queue.

The other request would be the ability to set the prices and schedule an agreed date?

Many thanks

The price list generator tool is nearly there! You’ll be able to send an email from within Breww to your customers, with an attached PDF of the price list. The price list will be customisable in many ways such as which container types to show, ABV/Plato, stock level display options, excise duty free prices etc, and will also have customisable footer text and your logo! Unfortunately, due to restrictions from our email provider, you won’t be able to send an email to multiple customers at once via Breww, but you can easily download the PDF to send on.

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Shipstone’s - What exactly do you mean here? Do you mean to schedule a price list email, or schedule updated price books?

the ability to set a date when the new prices go live.

I see - thank you. This would be a feature within price books itself, rather than the price list generator. I’ll check the feasibility of this when we do the advanced price book update.

Hi everyone, thanks for your comments on this price list generation idea. We’re delighted to let you know this is now live and ready for use.

As always if anyone has any other comments, please do let us know.

Related to this, we’re working on some huge changes to Price Books themselves - to allow them to be far more customisable and allow you to create more advanced structures. That’s a different project to this one, however, as the price books overhaul will allow you to create better pricing structures, and the task in this thread is about sharing these price lists with customers. (The ability to set price book go-live dates, for example, is related to the other project.)

We hope this is useful and look forward to sharing more new features with you soon. Thanks everyone for helping us scope out the best version of this feature - we couldn’t have done it without your input!

This is a great feature and will save us time every week.

Am I allowed to already suggest some further tweaks :sweat_smile:

  • round prices to two decimal places
  • be able to limit what’s listed (e.g. for the sake of generating a customer price list, they don’t need to see individual smallpack items [500ml bottle, 440ml can], only the multipacks [24x440ml], etc.).
  • similar to above point, limit what multi packs are shown - we have some multi pack items for the retail website that aren’t generally available to trade customers.
  • can we order the beers by ABV?

Thanks again for the nice feature.

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Thanks for the extra suggestions, Lewis, and it’s great to hear it will save you time every week :+1:

I’ve re-opened this so we can look to get these implemented too.

Might have missed it but is there any way to have multiple discount types in the same pricelist?

e.g. some products have a percentage discount from a standard pricebook and some products have a fixed price (or a different percentage discount).

Right now I think you can only have different percentages based on number of items. I would like to be able to set some products with fixed prices and others a percentage.

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Currently no, however, this is a project we started earlier this year, but it had to stall for a while until we figured some details out and completed some other high-priority tasks. We’re back on developing the price book overhaul as we speak, but it is a large and complicated feature so it will take some time. Hopefully, we’ll have some updates regarding this for you soon!

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Hi Matt,
Would be great to have updates as we are eagerly waiting a price book overhaul to allow more automatic discounting. We are currently using quite manual ones and it is causing us a fair few problems.