Price list improvements

It would also be really helpful to have the ability to put yet-to-be-packaged products on this list in order to be able to pre-sale products more easily

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Great news! We’ve made some improvements to the price list generator (not price books) that Lewis outlined above. Your suggestion, Gijs, will have to come a bit later as there are some extra bits to figure out here. Bringing planned packagings into this will mean the whole feature will need to have a concept of date, and that date will need to come into the design etc to avoid confusion. It would be a great addition, though!

Hi Matt,

Thanks! already very helpfull.

Bringing planned packaging into it sounds more complex than necessary (we actually don’t use that)

I would like to generate a list regardless if there is stock - seems a simple toggle (show products out of stock yes/no)

Ah, I see, I was overcomplicating things!
There is already the option to show/hide out-of-stock products. Check the price list settings in the top right of the price list page.

Ah. not sure if it is new or i missed it. but that’s exactly what I need. thanks!

Now that we are in that menu. the option “show description on file exports” would also be nice :slight_smile:

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I am currently still missing the following:

  • make price lists saveable: I often have to generate specfic lists (as they change) but have to manually deselect/select a lot of products. Being able to save a configuration would make my life easier.

  • Always exclude certain elements from pricelists (stock products, services) on the settings screen

I am also missing some fields to be in the excel export:

  • Seperate Beer & container field
  • Beer style
  • Beer description
  • Beer tag
  • Footer
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This is still one of our most used features - to send all price lists to customers every week.

A further improvement that would be great for us is: ability to split out pins and firkins into different sub-headings.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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