Price list improvements

It would also be really helpful to have the ability to put yet-to-be-packaged products on this list in order to be able to pre-sale products more easily

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Great news! We’ve made some improvements to the price list generator (not price books) that Lewis outlined above. Your suggestion, Gijs, will have to come a bit later as there are some extra bits to figure out here. Bringing planned packagings into this will mean the whole feature will need to have a concept of date, and that date will need to come into the design etc to avoid confusion. It would be a great addition, though!

Hi Matt,

Thanks! already very helpfull.

Bringing planned packaging into it sounds more complex than necessary (we actually don’t use that)

I would like to generate a list regardless if there is stock - seems a simple toggle (show products out of stock yes/no)

Ah, I see, I was overcomplicating things!
There is already the option to show/hide out-of-stock products. Check the price list settings in the top right of the price list page.

Ah. not sure if it is new or i missed it. but that’s exactly what I need. thanks!

Now that we are in that menu. the option “show description on file exports” would also be nice :slight_smile:

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I am currently still missing the following:

  • make price lists saveable: I often have to generate specfic lists (as they change) but have to manually deselect/select a lot of products. Being able to save a configuration would make my life easier.

  • Always exclude certain elements from pricelists (stock products, services) on the settings screen

I am also missing some fields to be in the excel export:

  • Seperate Beer & container field
  • Beer style
  • Beer description
  • Beer tag
  • Footer

This is still one of our most used features - to send all price lists to customers every week.

A further improvement that would be great for us is: ability to split out pins and firkins into different sub-headings.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Please can we add the option to display stock Best Before dates on customer price lists?
Very useful for export customers.

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Hi team, have you made any progress on the ability to implement a bulk % price increase? Even more on topic this year I am sure?


We can certainly look at this - thanks for the suggestion. If you only have one batch/expiry in stock, the expiry date to show is obvious, but what date should be shown if you have multiple different batches in stock?

Not yet, sorry. We’ve been busy working on other requests. We will always post updates when we have news, so you shouldn’t need to ask for updates.

Hey Luke, I would say the oldest batch would make most sense as we’d want to clear older stock before sending new. For us a lot of lines are one-offs so shouldn’t be an issue.

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We would also find this extremely useful for Export customers - if there are multiple dates, 99% of the time we would be sending the longest expiry for export, so showing this would work for well our use case.

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Hi there,

Just getting up-to-speed on this and would also like to request:

  • Beer Style
  • Ability to save a default price list to use again and again
  • Include the beer’s keg badge so it sits alongside the beer to make for a more attractive price list
  • Ability to create a price list for future stock that’s in the planned production, for the purposes of pre-sales

Many thanks!



Thanks for the great suggestions, Chess. I can see that you haven’t voted for this though, and if you can, this will help push it up the priority list :+1: For more information on how we manage feature requests, please see 💡 Posting ideas & feature requests for Breww 💙 Thank you.

That’s ace, thanks Luke. Have voted now.

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We spend time every week generating price lists so use this feature a lot.

Does the ABV sorting work? I have it ticked but beers still seem to appear listed not in ABV order.

Separating out container types under product types would be very useful as well - e.g. under “Keg” we’ll have 30 L KeyKeg, 30 L Keg, 50 L Keg, etc. I know we can omit product types but some of our customers vary between types each week. So having a heading for KeyKeg, 30 L Keg, etc. would be great.

Same idea for 440ml cans / 500ml bottles / etc. under multi-pack.

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Thanks for pointing this out. This worked only if you also grouped by beer. We’ve fixed this now, so they can be sorted by ABV regardless of the grouping chosen. Sorry about this!

Thanks for this suggestion, we’ll keep this on the list for the next round of price list improvements :+1:

Another idea here - can we define at a customer level the options for generating a customer price list?

Example: we generate price lists for customers every week and generally each customer has different criteria for what products they want pricing on. We have to define these - product type, container type, etc. - every week which takes time. We could set a default per customer.

Does that makes sense?

Yes, that makes sense. Would you want to start with a blank form for each customer, or would it be better for you to be able to define something like “Price list templates” and then customers could be assigned a template? This way, you could have a template for, say, all local pubs and a different one for more distant bottle shops. If you made a change to the “local pubs” template, this would affect all customers using it and save updating lots of individual customers, or is the granular per-customer settings what you’re looking for?

I don’t think there is a perfect solution: being able to set criteria in bulk initially would certainly save time in the first instance but - in our case at least - most customers do have their own bespoke requirements so it would need to be selectable at individual level.

Another (minor!) thing - when generating a price list, could the PDF open in a new tab(/window). Only (on Chrome anyway) when you click 'Back" you get the “~reconfirm form resolution” thing and have to refresh and enter all choices again. :slight_smile:

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