Ability to create Price Lists

Would be very neat to be able to create a price lists of available items that could be sent to customers. Effectively it would almost be a quote but it wouldn’t hold the stock. This may be possible already but can’t see anything in the software.

Hi Joe,
At the moment, the best thing we have for this is the ‘Products available for sale’ report, found at Reporting > Pre-built Sales reports > Products available for sale. You can add filters for price book and container type if you wish. This wouldn’t be a quote as such, as you wouldn’t be able to pick specific products and quantities, but hopefully, it helps you for the moment.
We have a dedicated price list feature currently under development, which will allow further filtering and manipulation, as well as the ability to save/email a branded PDF of the price list. Here’s the thread for that request - Price list improvements.
I’ll update you when this new feature goes live.

Great news, Joe - this feature has just dropped!

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