More powerful reports

What are the chances of getting some more powerful reports that can be easily generated.
An example one for us that would be used every day - a report showing available beers that is filterable to only show (for example) smallpack (bottles, cans) at Site1 or only draft beers (kegs, casks) at Site1.
So that when a bottle shop asks what stock is available we can quickly create a PDF showing them what’s available. If they’re prices were shown too, even better.
Could go into a lot more detail if the feature could be worked on?

I think the bones of the report is here -

Just needs some options to filter/sort it.

I always like beer lists in ascended ABV order, too!

Further to the above, now we’re back to supplying pubs again, this report would be handier than ever.

Being able to see on what screen what our current “9g firkin” stock is; or see on one screen what our 440ml can stock is, would be really helpful.

Is it possible to create a feature like this?

Hi Lewis,

Thanks for following up, and sorry for the lack of reply before! This must have slipped through the net :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

We’ve actually just recently launched a new stock availability report which is quite similar to what you’re suggesting. It can be found at Products > Tools > Available products report (or click here).

Could you have a look at this and let us know what you think? We’re totally happy to look at amendments to make it better if this is a good starting point for you? Most modern web browsers support printing to PDF, so if you need it as a PDF, you can try the print option and then saving it as a PDF.



Hi Luke,
Thanks for this.
Would you be able to make this report filterable by container type? So we could just get a list of firkins or 30 L KeyKegs or 500ml bottles, etc?
Thanks again!

Hi Lewis,

Yes, I think a container type filter here should be possible. We’ll look to get this added in for you soon. I’ll let you know when it’s ready to use.



Hi Lewis,

You should see a new container type filter drop-down box in the top-right of this report now.

I hope this helps and have a great weekend!


This is fantastic, thank you!

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Is there a way to run a report like this but select a past date?

I’d like to be able to quickly see what product stock we had on a given date (say on Monday of the previous week) without doing a full stocktake or anything like that.

Hi Cornel,

Not as such, but there are a few things you could do which might be helpful.

You can see the stock of every product, per batch, on the first of every month, by going to Reporting > Pre-built Production & inventory reports > Stock valuation, then clicking the eye icon on the month you’d like to view. However, we don’t really store this data in a way where you could choose a specific date.

If it’s just a couple of products you’re interested in, you could use the product log to work out the stock on any given day. Go to a product, then click on the ‘Log’ tab at the bottom, then check the ‘Qty afterwards’ column on the relevant date. Obviously this would be a bit time-consuming if you’re hoping to see the stock of many products, but may be helpful.


Would it be possible to build a report that pulls the most recent “qty after” value from each product on a chosen date to generate a “product stock by date” report? This would be handy for me, but might not be all that useful to other users though.

One other application for this would be doing EOFY stocktakes and not having to do it exactly on the 30/6 (i.e. you could do the physical counting of stock over a couple of days, and then check it against Breww later even while stock is being sold out of Breww in the meantime).

I’ll have a chat with the rest of the team about this, to see what we could do. If others would find a “product stock by date” report helpful, do let us know by liking this comment or responding below.


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Was happy to see the addition of customer price books to the “available products” report this week, very useful for us.

Is there scope to add more features to this screen as well? Some ideas:

  • allow multiple container types, e.g. firkins and kegs
  • grouping by container type
  • ordering the list by ABV, price, etc.
  • export to PDF [with option to include short brand description]
  • formatted Excel reports

Can add more detail if anything like this could be done.


Thanks, Lewis, this is useful information.

There’s another post about similar ideas, so I’m just linking the two threads together, so we have all the information available when we get to this task.

There looks to be quite a bit of support for this, which is great.


I would find it very useful, if you can’t do it already, for the sales revenue/litres by beer report (and probably others) to be able to select all cask beer (instead of just firkin, pin or kilderkin) so I don’t have to run 3 different reports and combine all the data.