CRM additions which would be super helpful!

Hi there

We’re really enjoying the CRM additions and just wanted to flag some new add on’s we could really benefit from.

  1. On Customers & Suppliers Customer (CRM) activities report - when running a report it would be great to have a ‘‘notes’’ section so you can see what the call/meeting/etc result was.
  2. On the Leads dashboard it would be useful to have a ‘‘ordered’’ or ‘‘converted’’ category added
  3. A very useful CRM tool for us would be to have an alert of some sort to flag up any regular customers who haven’t ordered in a period (if this was customisable, ie 3 weeks no order) that would be very useful.
  4. On CRM Reporting under Leads, it would be great if ‘‘calls’’ and ‘‘meetings’’ numbers were split between Leads/Current Active accounts so we can track each sales persons performance.

Hi Alexa,

Thanks for getting in touch and I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the new CRM features. These are all great suggestions and I’ve included some information below that will hopefully be useful.

1. I can definitely see how this would be handy, so if any other breweries would like this feature, please vote using the button above.

2. You can create your own categories by going to Leads > Settings & tools > Lead status settings > + Add lead status, but would entities in this ordered/converted category be customers, as an entity can’t be both a customer and a lead and customers don’t show on the leads dashboard?

3. It is possible to create a list view on the ‘Customers’ dashboard to only show customers who haven’t ordered within a certain period. You can do this by going to Customers > BrewwQL Filter and adding a filter for Contacts → Customer → Last Order Date and then selecting the date to be 3 weeks ago and then selecting is ‘older than or equal to’ and click ‘Apply’. I have included an example below for you. You can then save this by clicking the green ‘Save’ button on the right of the screen.

contacts.customer.last_order_date <= "3 weeks ago"

4. Thank you for the suggestion on this, I’ll make sure to update you if there are any developments on this.

I hope that is helpful but if anyone else has any ideas for CRM features, please include them here and vote with the button above.