Dashboard customisation with custom KPIs & reports

It would be great to be able to see the total number of Sales Order Revenue for the entire Year or per Quarter on the main dashboard page.

Potentially a new dropdown for you to switch between different time periods (Year, Quarter, Month, etc…)

Or, even a static number in the sales card on the top left. I believe the total revenue is just as important (if not more) than the unique number of sales as it currently shows.

I understand you can create a custom report to get this info, but having it front & center on the main dashboard would save time for us when tracking goals.

Apologies if this has already been asked as a feature, please let me know and I can remove post.



Thanks for the suggestions here Chris.

I’m sure the team will find the feedback useful for the dashboard and I will make sure to update you if any of these changes are implemented. If anyone else has any further feedback or would find this beneficial, please vote using the button above.

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It would also be great to have a monthly “pending” total on the total sales feed (Invoiced+draft+confirmed-credit notes) - I end up roughly adding them up in my head all the time


Hi all, thought I’d add an idea into this request.

It would be great if theres was more customisation available on the dashboard. It seems as if lots of people want to view different data, that’s all currently available via reports but takes time to sort through to get what you’d like. Perhaps if there was an option to make certain data appear on the dashboard based on criteria set by each brewery using the BrewwQL filtering. For instance we’re starting to look at our KPIs like ‘core beer sales value vs total sales value’ (using product tags) and comparing current sales periods with previous year equivalents which would be great to have appear on the dashboard for a given time period that we’d set using the filtering.



Thanks, Jack, this is really useful, and we’re keen to get to this project before too long.

I’m going to merge some other related threads into this one (to make this the canonical thread for dashboard customisation) :+1: If anyone else has any other related suggestions, please comment below.

It would be great to see the products sold for the week in terms of volume, ie casks in brewers barrel, kegs in litres etc… A good way to track weekly sales performance in beer volumes

It would be good to have the option to toggle the 2 dashboard reports on monthly sales and SKU to be able to show it as HL instead of value

Customising the information available on the dashboard would be super useful for us also, having talked it over with the team over the last few weeks, it became quickly apparent that different data is more useful to different users (e.g. sales/production).

For instance it would be helpful for myself to be able to see a line chart showing L racked, which also showed L sold (for an idea of over/underproduction issues overtime), and being able to filter this by container & beer style would be useful (products less useful in this particular scenario as we have a large quantity), but being able to spot trends in keg/can/cask, Pale, Stout, IPA at a glance is helpful for forecasting production needs. (I can do this with the raw data explorer & putting datasets together, but its laborious to do this regularly). Whereas sales are more interested in revenue, margins.etc…

So, if the ability for each user to customize the dashboard to suit their needs became an option, this would be great.

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This would also be very helpful for us. We primarily use Breww for production. It be great to be able to customise our dashboard to show metrics such as HL brewed this week, HL in bright tank, HL in fermenter, Average FV residence. Basically a more Production focused dashboard.


Voting for this in terms of general customisation.

For me I would like to be able to see volume sold per time period (not just ££ like it is at the moment) and also volume packaged. Expanding this out to filter on customer type, package type etc. would be even better.


Any progression on this? Seems to be a good amount of votes for it.

There’s no update to report on this yet. We’re working hard to improve Breww all the time, but with multiple requests coming in every day, it takes quite a bit of keeping up with!

We will always post an update on the thread if there’s been any news, so keep an eye on the thread for updates. You can also make sure you’re subscribed to notifications by using the button with a :bell: in it on the right of the thread. It looks a bit like this:



Hey Luke,

Any update on this? I’d love to see a simple feature as per Chris’ suggestion, that shouldn’t be hard to implement, on the customer dashboard of total yearly revenue (net) to date. Ideally just beside the “last ordered” box.

Then in a perfect world have more options but understand we can do them in custom reports. So in essence just giving Chris MacDonald’s suggestion a bump - especially as we’re coming to calendar year end so this will be very useful for sales reporting.


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Thanks, Peter, for the comments; they’re really useful.

This project hasn’t been started yet as we’ve been busy with other projects, but it’s certainly something that we’re looking to do soon. I see that you’ve not voted for this yet - if you can vote for it, that will help push it up the priority list, as the number of votes is one of the biggest factors in how we prioritise which tasks to do next. There should be a blue “Vote” button in the top-left of the page.

Things like sales by customer type, maybe even more filters, so where you can filter sales person you could filter pubs or wholesale etc, and maybe a filter for top beer sales, so you can do it monthly/weekly etc, would be great


Would be great if we could have a sales dashboard and a production dashboard as options.

Production dashboard could track itres brewed / packaged, Hop/keg useage, efficiencies/ yeilds etc


Custom KPIs would do wonders to help us track our rates and efficiencies. Your current reports are good but access to more of that information would really help us to stay ahead of any problems building in the background.

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Loads of conversation and ideas on here already, just adding to the weight. The dashboard is okay, but it could be excellent with a little room for customisation. Happy to be involved in a conversation about what that might look like, if it helps. Fingers crossed it can move forward soon! Cheers, Nick.

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HI Luke
Is there an update on this yet? It looks like this is something you were planning to do, can you share a progress report with us?

Hey Bob. I’m afraid we haven’t started this build yet. However, we have been working on some related projects behind the scenes, which are prerequisites to this project.

For example, we recently added the option for “relative dates” (e.g. “this month”) to be chosen on all date-based pre-built reports. Following this will soon be the option to “save” pre-built reports (with the chosen input options). These “saved” reports will soon be able to be emailed to you automatically. This will open the door for utilising “saved pre-built reports” as “widgets” in the customisable dashboards.

We expect to build this in such a way that you can build your own Aggregate Report Builder and Raw Data Explorer and saved pre-built reports, arrange these “saved” reports (“widgets”) on your own dashboards. As part of this, we’re planning some updates to the Raw Data Explorer for sorting and grouping (such as summing/averages).

So, to summarise, we’ve not strictly started work on building your own dashboards yet, but we know this is an important project, and we have been working away on some of the features which will feed into this project and make it even better.