Expand automated report delivery by email to all reports (pre-built & raw data explorer)

I think it would be really helpful to expand the email automation that is already built into breww. I know we can do auto invoices and low stock but I would love to see the following additional features.

  • recurring emails for reports so I could set a stock available report that emails to the sales team on a Monday morning
  • the one above would be great if we could set it to any report we want to make
  • a split on the low stock email so the brewery stuff could just go to the brew team, the boxes kegs etc could go to the warehouse team
  • a daily and weekly run down email stating deliveries due in for ingredients, outstanding/overdue POs, beers due for packing that week, beer low in stock, beer low on date, HL volume sold previous week, HL volume sold month to date. Maybe a load of other things where you could tick and customise how you want your weekly report to look.
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Great news - we’ve completed part of this project :tada: Raw Data Explorer reports can now be emailed to you automatically every day/week/month.

It works just like with Custom Report Builder reports - save your report and then scroll to the bottom of the page to set up the scheduled deliveries.

We’ll keep this thread open for adding support for automatic emailing of pre-built reports too. If you’d like to see this, please give this thread a vote :+1: