Dashboard customisation with custom KPIs & reports

Hey Bob. I’m afraid we haven’t started this build yet. However, we have been working on some related projects behind the scenes, which are prerequisites to this project.

For example, we recently added the option for “relative dates” (e.g. “this month”) to be chosen on all date-based pre-built reports. Following this will soon be the option to “save” pre-built reports (with the chosen input options). These “saved” reports will soon be able to be emailed to you automatically. This will open the door for utilising “saved pre-built reports” as “widgets” in the customisable dashboards.

We expect to build this in such a way that you can build your own Aggregate Report Builder and Raw Data Explorer and saved pre-built reports, arrange these “saved” reports (“widgets”) on your own dashboards. As part of this, we’re planning some updates to the Raw Data Explorer for sorting and grouping (such as summing/averages).

So, to summarise, we’ve not strictly started work on building your own dashboards yet, but we know this is an important project, and we have been working away on some of the features which will feed into this project and make it even better.