"Leads" and sales pipelines now fully supported in the Breww CRM

Leads (potential customers) are now managed differently to customers within Breww’s CRM to allow you to keep them separate from your customers and track their progress better through your sales pipeline :tada:

Entering a lead into Breww is really quick to do as they need less information than a full customer, and they come with all the same CRM activity logging, tasks and reporting as “Customers” have.

You can define your own “Lead statuses” and “Loss reasons” to make leads work best for you. All leads have a “Lead status” which allows you to track their stage in your sales pipeline. Some statuses count as a “loss”, and when updating a lead to a loss status, Breww will prompt you for one of your defined “Loss reasons”.

To help you move from managing your leads in Breww as customers with tags, we have built a conversion tool that can be found from the “Settings & tools” menu within the new leads section of Breww.

Leads also have an option for you to quickly raise a “free samples” order. There’s no payment required for these orders, and it makes it easy to send samples to a potential customer, with these transactions fully tracked through Breww as a zero value invoice - so they update your stock levels and can be scheduled into delivery runs like normal orders.

Leads can also be converted into customers with the click of a button to allow you to sell to them and report on them as a successful conversion. Their history of interactions as a lead will be maintained when a lead is converted to a customer, so you’ll always be able to see this information should you need to.

Please note that the reporting part of the leads project will be launching later this month (January 2022) and will allow you to see conversion rates of leads moving onto the next status (or stage) in the sales process and also report on the reasons for loss to allow you to make informed decisions. You’ll also be able to define targets for your CRM activities (calls, emails, etc) and report on if you’re hitting these targets.

We’d love to hear your feedback on this powerful new feature, so please drop us a comment below by using the “Reply” button.


So exciting! You say “Leads can also be converted into customers with the click of a button to allow you to sell to them and report on them as a successful conversion.” I might be overlooking things in my excitement but how do I convert a lead to a customer?


Thanks for the question and I’m sorry this wasn’t clearer. You need to go to the main page for the lead and the button should be in the top-right:

The easiest way to get to this page from the main leads dashboard is to use the “View details” button and the “View lead” button, like this:


Great new feature @luke !

Curious, is there an option to “Mass Upload” or “Mass Import” multiple leads from an excel file?

We currently track prospects in Google Sheets, and would love to be able to upload all leads vs entering them in 1 by 1.



This is looking great. Would it be possible for Breww to automatically record a phone call as an activity on a customer account if the call is made from Breww by clicking on the number? Zoho does this, and it’s great for tracking when customers are called without relying on someone putting in the data manually. Also, can it log which user has done the activity as it doesn’t at the moment?


Was about to ask the same thing. Watching… eyes:


We’d also love to be able to mass upload leads as well


Hi all,

It’s great to hear you’re all getting stuck into leads! Thanks for your feedback on a bulk uploader. We think this would be a great addition to the feature, I’ll try and prioritise building it. I’ll update you here when I’ve made progress.


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Thanks everyone for the feedback, it’s great to hear you’re finding this useful! As Matt says we’ll try to prioritise fitting in a bulk upload tool for leads.

This is an interesting idea, Joe, do they record the call simply by clicking the button to call the number? As in the below button:

Would this immediately log the call? Or should it load a window like below so you can confirm you actually had the call and add any notes?

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Thanks for the update @matt-cousins !

Hi @luke Yes that’s right, I think on Zoho it does just immediately log the call, but loading a window like you suggest would probably be better, as you say can then add notes. I believe on Zoho it also logs if a customer rings into you on the phone with the app installed, but no idea how that works. The dialling out one would be really good though to keep track of calls.

Thanks Joe, that makes sense.

For us to know about a call coming in (or a call actually going out, not just the button being clicked), we’d likely need to integrate with a VoIP provider. I believe it’s possible for an Android app to have access to your call data, but for privacy purposes, Apple prevent this and there’s no way around it (to my knowledge). Maybe an integration with a VoIP provider, like AirCall would be a good feature? We’ve recently started using AirCall at Breww, it’s been working really well for us so far and they have an extensive API for building integrations like this

We’ve more great news on the Leads front!

The leads bulk importer tool is now live and ready for use. You can import your leads from a spreadsheet quickly now. To use the tool go to Leads > Settings & tools > Bulk upload leads from file, and follow the steps.

Our leads & CRM activity reporting tool has also been launched today. Go to Leads > CRM reporting to take advantage. You can set targets for activities per leads status (and for customers) and keep track of how you’re doing versus the plan. You can also see easily who is completing the tasks and report on the “loss reasons” for your leads.

Quick one, there seems to be a glitch on the Leads ‘CRM Reporting Page’. It is stuck on a date and keeps reloading. I can not therefore edit the targets in the customers section as an example. Have I missed inputting something to avoid this?

Thanks for letting us know. Does this keep occurring every time you try and go to the page? If you exit that tab and go to the page on a new tab doe the new tab keep reloading?

Every time we go to that page.

Getting so much awesome use out of this new feature already! Thanks so much!

One thing we bumped into and I wanted to inquire about is whether it would be possible to have a sorting option on the “All Leads” page similar to the sorting of the page “Customers”? That would make it far easier and insightful to navigate.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the extra information. We’ve identified the issue here and are reviewing a fix now. This issue only seemed to affect certain browsers with certain setups! Nevertheless, I’m sorry this slipped through. I’ll let you know when the fix is live.

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We’re so pleased to hear you’re getting great use out of the new feature! We’re planning some improvements to all our list pages (lists of customers, sales, batches, products etc.), which will add speed improvements, more capable sorting & searching, exporting and even features such as customisable columns! The ‘All leads’ page will be included in this, so keep an eye out for this later this year!

This issue should be fixed now. We’re sorry you experienced an issue here and thank you for reporting it :grin: It worked fine in Chrome and Firefox on our computers so issues like this that only affect some browsers/OSs can be hard to track down.

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