"Leads" and sales pipelines now fully supported in the Breww CRM

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Hi guys

Just a request relating to the ‘sample order’ button in the leads section. Is it also possible to have this button in the customer tab so we can raise sample orders for existing customers? We give samples of new releases to existing customers but currently have to raise orders that get 100% discounted. The sample order functionality just works a lot better by not auto emailing the invoice and being able to track how many samples have been sent out.


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Hi guys,

Forgive me if this has been asked and answered elsewhere. I’ve had a look but couldn’t find anything on the following.

How do we go about adding a lead to an active account? As an example, this could be an account we sell to regularly but we’ve become aware of an opportunity to secure a perm line.


Sorry for the slow response, Stu.

At the moment an account is either a lead or a customer, but cannot be both at the same time. Unfortunately, this means that you cannot add a lead to an active account as such.

This does sound like a useful thing to be able to do though, so if you’d like to be able to do this, could you put this forward as a feature request so we can keep track of it through to implementation? If others would find it useful too, they can vote for your request and help push it up the priority list!