The ability to view which customers have tasks set against them without having to go in to the actual customer

It would be really helpful if in our sales rep customer list there is an icon located next to the pencil & eye of a tick to notify us that this particular customer has a task set against it

Hi Felicity,

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Thanks for the suggestion, I can see how this would be useful. If anyone else would find this helpful, please vote for the idea to push it up the priority list.



Hi, is it possible to use BrewwQL filtering to view which customers have tasks and which don’t?
Cheers, Gemma.

Hi Gemma,

There isn’t currently a BrewwQL filter for this, I’m afraid. It is a great suggestion though and we will add it to the request above so please do vote for this feature if you haven’t already, using the button above.

I’ll make sure to let you know if there are any developments regarding tasks.



I’ve moved the following post and replies over to this post as they’re related. @sarah-saleh, you may want to vote for this feature request. A dedicated call list where you can easily view upcoming tasks would be a great addition.

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Is there a way to scroll through all customers in alphabetical order? I want to go through all customers and check they have tasks allocated (so one is missing out on regular sales calls) but can’t find an easy way to do this?!

The main customer dashboard shows customers in alphabetical order by default, you’d need to click on each one to check if they had upcoming tasks. On the customer’s page, you’ll be able to see the ‘Upcoming tasks’ section.
If you head to Leads > All leads (or check out the screenshot below), you can see leads displayed with how many upcoming tasks they’ve got. Would this be something you’d like to see for customers? If so, I can move this post over to the feature requests section for you.


Hi There

Having Tasks showing against customers like it does in the Leads sections would be super helpful , this was a request i had sent across several months back.
having to scroll through all active accounts to see if any tasks are set against them is a very slow & painful exercise , especially with a growing customer base.
If this is something that can be done then it would be amazing