Latest activity displayed on tasks

Our sales team has made a suggestion that within the tasks page, there is a column added for ‘latest activity’ for individual tasks relating to customers. This is so that if they contact a customer but they say to phone back at a certain time, they can make it ‘in progress’ but see why it has been left as in-progress as opposed to completed quickly and easily, as opposed to having to go into each task/customer to read the notes.

Hi Keiran,

Thanks for the request and welcome to the Breww Community!

I can see the benefit of this information being shown, but to be honest, I’m not sure there is enough spare space to show this in the main table without making the area too cramped and harder to use (especially on smaller screens).

I’m not sure if you’ve seen but there is a button to open a sidebar with the customer’s basic info and recent activity in it.

This will open a sidebar like this:

It’s an extra click versus what you’ve suggested, but does this cover what you’re looking for?

Brilliant, Thanks for your help Luke.

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