Customer and lead mapping and visit (field sales) route optimisation

Hi, the customer map is great but even better would being able to filter this based on a status (active, prospect, lapsed) or with the BrewwQL code, and then building in a routing compontent that gives our sales team the most efficient route to visit a list of customers selected (ie all existing customers in an area, plus a handful of prospects).



Thanks for the suggestion. We could certainly add a filter (using BrewwQL would be ideal from our point of view) to filter who was shown on the map.

I also love the idea of this list of customers then being optimised into a route, much like we do with deliveries.

If anyone else would find this useful, please vote for this with the button above, and leave a comment below with any related suggestions or ideas.

Thanks Libby, this isn’t a feature yet, but it’s a great suggestion. I’ve merged this with another very similar thread, so the votes can be combined and push this up the list. If you can give this a vote with the button in the top-left, that would be really useful.

Hey Guys,

this might already be a feature in the new “leads” section but I haven’t seen it. Would it be possible to set up a way of being able to plan a “route” for field sales visits? I’m out all day tomorrow and have scheduled a series of uplifts to plan my day - but a route planner for sales would be mega!!!



Ability to plan / optimise a sales visit itinerary of both existing customers and leads would be very useful


Thanks everyone, it’s great to see this picking up more support :grinning: We’ll certainly be looking to add this functionality when we can fit it into our schedule.

This would be a great feature to have!!
The way I get around this at the moment is creating an item called ‘Sample’ and creating an order for the lead, then creating delivery routes based on area, however this is probably not the most straightforward way to do it. I’d love a feature that allowed us to see all ‘leads’ on one map so we can target potential customers that way.


Any progress on this yet? At the moment to create a sales visit list I am using google maps!

Not yet, I’m afraid. We’re working hard to improve Breww all the time, but with multiple requests coming in every day, it takes quite a bit of keeping up with! We will always post an update on the thread if there’s progress :+1:

Not sure if it would be helpful for you - but I set up my car as a “vehicle” on Breww - then I schedule an “uplift” for the customers I’m visiting which then means I can route them in Breww… Not ideal but is a work around until the chaps build the function.


Thanks Libby,
was thinking that too, but wont be able to put in prospects that are not currently registered as customers.

Ahhh yes that would put a spanner in the works for you - we don’t use the prospects/customers in that way so a bit easier. Hopefully they will plan something in soon!

Is there any update on this possibility?
Still using google maps which is far from ideal!

We know this is important to you, Tim, and hope to add this functionality before too long. Don’t worry, we’ll always post an update if there’s progress (we won’t implement something and then hope that you stumble across it within Breww) :smile:

Please see How do I know if there’s been an update on a feature request? for more on how this is handled. Cheers.

Hey Chaps,

just wondering if you were any closer to this feature yet please?



Are you getting any closer to making this function available?

We’re working hard all the time on adding new features to Breww. We know this request is important and don’t worry, it’s not been forgotten, there are just a lot of things on the list.

We’ll post an update here when we have one :smile:

Can we please have an update on this feature please? This will be essential for my team going forward. Thank You

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I’m sorry, but there’s no update to report on this yet. We’ve been busy working on other requests, but do hope to get to this in the future. Please make sure you have voted for it (if you haven’t already).

Please see How do I know if there’s been an update on a feature request?

Thank you :smile:

Hey Luke,

have you got a timeline for this one please? We’re expanding our sales team and this will help them be really effective!


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