Customer and lead mapping and visit (field sales) route optimisation

Hi, the customer map is great but even better would being able to filter this based on a status (active, prospect, lapsed) or with the BrewwQL code, and then building in a routing compontent that gives our sales team the most efficient route to visit a list of customers selected (ie all existing customers in an area, plus a handful of prospects).


Thanks for the suggestion. We could certainly add a filter (using BrewwQL would be ideal from our point of view) to filter who was shown on the map.

I also love the idea of this list of customers then being optimised into a route, much like we do with deliveries.

If anyone else would find this useful, please vote for this with the button above, and leave a comment below with any related suggestions or ideas.

Thanks Libby, this isn’t a feature yet, but it’s a great suggestion. I’ve merged this with another very similar thread, so the votes can be combined and push this up the list. If you can give this a vote with the button in the top-left, that would be really useful.

Hey Guys,

this might already be a feature in the new “leads” section but I haven’t seen it. Would it be possible to set up a way of being able to plan a “route” for field sales visits? I’m out all day tomorrow and have scheduled a series of uplifts to plan my day - but a route planner for sales would be mega!!!



Ability to plan / optimise a sales visit itinerary of both existing customers and leads would be very useful

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Thanks everyone, it’s great to see this picking up more support :grinning: We’ll certainly be looking to add this functionality when we can fit it into our schedule.