Allow clicking through to the next customer on a customer list, even if the current customer has been removed from the list

Can we create a list that has customers which have no tasks allocated to them?

Is there also a way when you are making changes on sales person and tags on customer list instead of it taking you back to the start, just to move on to the customer after?

Thanks for the suggestions, Hannah, and welcome to the Breww Community :wave:

This isn’t possible at the moment, but I’m sure this could be built :+1:

If I’ve understood you correctly, this should be possible already. If you go to a customer via a customer list, then there should be a blue bar near the top of the screen showing that you’ve come from the list and allowing you to easily move on to the next customer in the list. A bit like this:

Do you see this? And does this cover what you need?

the problem is when on a customer list i.e. prospect list - and then removing the prospect tag, this takes you back to the start of the list. Is it possible for you just to move on to the next customer instead of it taking you back to the start

This should now be possible :grinning: There is a new field that you can filter on with BrewwQL named next_task_due_date, so you could create a list with the BrewwQL filter of:

next_task_due_date = None

Ah, I see! Thanks for the explanation. The difficulty here is that if you take the customer off the list, then they don’t have a position on the list in order for the “next” customer to be chosen from (and so it falls back to the first position). I’ll keep this feature request open for adding support for this in the future.