Special Offers on multiple cask by beer (product with multiple casks/kegs)

It would be really useful to be able to create special offers in product creation.
For example we already have the ability to create Smallpack mixed-pack from our stock and make a 4 x 5ltr polypin boxed party pack
If we could have something similar for cask, where we could stipulate which beers made up the offer and then that becomes a product in its own right.


I’m also looking for something similar.

We are looking for the ability to build a multi-pack product in Breww of a couple of different kegs (e.g. 3 core beers and 1 special) so that customers could buy the lot at a discount, or, preorder a grouped selection of products through Sellar and other trade platforms.
We could build a ‘service’ product in the short term, however this would pose a challenge for inventory control.
Would this be possible?

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Thanks for the feedback. While this would be possible for us to implement, I must admit that this would be a huge project as we hadn’t anticipated creating mixed-pack products that used casks/kegs when we built our product system in the first place (maybe this was an oversight).

I’m more than happy for this request to stay open and attract votes, but I want to be totally transparent - this would be a significant development project that would take a lot of our developer resources, and it’s not something that I expect would be looked at in the near future. Sorry!

For anyone who does want this; do make sure to vote so we know this is important to you :+1: