Ability to edit mixed pack products


It would be great to have the ability to edit mixed pack products. When selling mixed pack products that contain rotating beers you currently have to create a brand new product for every change. The ability to edit the component beers/stock items would save considerable time and use of product names. I think i’m currently on Mixed Case 72 lol

Thanks for the suggestion, Rodger. I can see how this would be useful, but I must admit that editing the contents of a mixed pack is not a simple thing for us to build. When a product is sold on an invoice, the only record of which components were in that sale is the record of what is in the product, so if the components of a product could be modified after sale, then you wouldn’t know what you had sold on a historical invoice.

I’m sure we can look to find a solution here, so we’ll keep this request open to gain votes, but I wanted to give you some background as to why this is a complex request and so not something that’s easy or fast for us to implement.

If anyone else would like this, please give this a vote :+1: Thank you.

Hi, this is going to be really important for us. We don’t want to be creating a new product every time we put a new beer into the mixed case, this happens a lot! We have only just moved to Breww from Unleashed. In Unleashed we were able to set up one product and then change the contents of that mixed case for each sale (if we needed to), as it recorded a separate assembly for each transaction. I assume this is similar to changing the ingredient amounts in a beer, but still producing the same product.
My sympathies are with Rodger for this, as it seems he raised this issue back in Oct 21. Hopefully a fix can be found.

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Agreed, I tend to duplicate the product and tick the box that makes the previous product obsolete. It’s a nice addition and it helps speed things up but it then creates a little bit more work as I then need to re-map the products on all my squarespace/sellar etc. integrations.

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