Assign kegs/casks for automatic racking of pints etc. for POS order fulfilments

A feature where you can assign kegs/casks for use in POS order fulfilment. At the moment, when a POS order comes in, the stock (e.g. Beer A - Pint, Beer B - Growler) will be automatically assigned if available in Breww, but if not, the pints will need to be racked manually. It would be nice if you could assign some containers for use on these POS orders, so if one comes in and the pint products aren’t already in stock in Breww, they can be automatically racked from said containers to fulfil the order automatically.


Long overdue Matt! I remember having discussions about this way back.

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Isnt this what we have been talking to you guys about for ages as it would seem to potentially answer the issue we have with bag in box filling where we have to guess in advance what we will turn our casks into in our cellar so that they can be available for sale on our website. Is this you testing the water Matt or something that is in development. If in development I’d really like to make sure it answers the issue we have had for the last 5 years

This would work well in conjunction with Mark vessels/tanks/casks as "available to rack to order" so I’m linking these together.

This is something that’s been on the radar for a while, but it’s not been started yet. Before we had the community for feature requests, we had a tool for logging them that only we could see. We’re phasing this tool out completely; in favour of all feature requests being publically viewable here on the community, so we need to ensure everything is here and able to receive votes.

@daman-singh and @john-cussons I can see that you’ve not voted for this yet. If this is in your top-20 requests, please give it a vote. If you’ve run out of votes, you may wish to remove a vote from something less important and allocate it to this instead. See Why do I only have 20 votes for how to do this.

Voted for them both