Reporting on Beer/Packaging Type, not Product Name

I’d like to be able to report on the number of units sold each month of each beer brand by packaging type. Currently I do this by Products sold (order lines) in the Raw Data Explorer, but that pulls data by product name, which leads to loads of lines if anything is named differently on an invoice and doesn’t account for any beers that form part of a mixed case.

Can anyone help with a way of reporting that will just let me know the total number of beers in each packaging type in a given time period, no matter the product name?


Hi Oliver, thanks for your message. I’ve had a look at this for you, and perhaps a possible solution here could be to raise a feature request for the number of units sold to be added to the Sales revenue/liquid volume sold by beer report. This report looks at the beer and the packaging type, as well as mixed packs, so with the addition of units, this sounds like this would be close to what you would need! Cheers!

Thanks Ben, I have done