Reporting on Total Sales Volume

Is there an option to report on total sales volume by beer brand? I can only seem to build reports that split data by product, which becomes difficult when we have several different products using each beer.

Being able to add a column for component beer in a raw data sales report would be ideal.

The graphs on the dashboard for top 10 beers look to be the built from the data I’m looking for, but I can’t see how to access that data.

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for raising this on the community! We do have the Sales revenue/Litres sold by beer report found in Reporting Pre-built Sales reports, which can show either Net sales or volume sold by beer for a given period (This is essentially the same data as on the dashboard, only for a time period of your choice, and for as many beers as you want to see). Currently, sales raw data explorers like the Product sold (order lines) explorer do not filter or show the beer name as a field to view. I think this level of reporting would be a great addition. If you don’t mind raising this as a feature request, our devs can review that for you.

If you have any more questions at all, let us know!

I’m struggling to find this report by just Brand too.

I’ve noticed on the dashboard page though there is the graph of top 10 brands by sales value and sales volume - if there was anyway to click on these graphs and open up a direct report where we could edit dates and the number of brands to include, that would be a really helpful feature.

Hi Ben, thanks for your comment, and welcome to the community! Currently, the best way to report by brand in Breww would be by using the report recommended in the comment above, which can be found by heading to Reporting → Pre-built sales reports → Sales revenue/ Litres sold by beer. Unfortunately, currently, you can’t click the dashboard graphs to customise them; however, we do have an open feature request for Dashboard customisation with custom KPIs & reports , which sounds like the feature you would like here. If you could head to this feature request, give this a vote and add your comments, that would be great! If you’re new to feature requests in Breww, then I recommend having a read of the Posting ideas & feature requests for Breww help article, which should guide you through how feature request work in Breww! Cheers!