Quickly email a price list to a customer from the CRM activity screen

@luke I have another addition to this which may be a quick win - is there any way of getting the email button in the Price List Screen Login | Breww to show up in the Activity Screen in CRM? This could auto-populate from the info from the Customer Data such as Contact Name.
Contact Name and Info should also be able to used as fields in the Email Templates.
What do you think?

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Thanks Dan; this is certainly a much smaller feature than Email integration for sales emails as CRM activities (email inbox management directly within Breww) and would make a great addition.

I’ve split this onto a separate thread so it doesn’t get lost in the other thread and can pick up its own votes :+1:

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@luke and @connor-fry - can we get this bumped like ASAP please?

this would make a HUGE difference in the short term until bulk action on this activity is possible.

Sorry to be a pain, but I am all over it at the moment.


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@luke - Having done some exploring in the system - it would seem that this is actually possible via the ‘more actions’ drop down where you can generate price list.

That said, this functionality would also be great in the leads screen please.
Also taking it out of the drop down and having its own button would be better, but at this stage MVP criteria is met.

Slightly off topic - is it possible to change the default price book that is used to generate the price list?


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Yes, this will be using the customer’s default price book. Please see Assigning price books for how this is determined.

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perfect - cheers Luke

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