Rounding Values on Pricebooks

Would it be possible to add a feature into the pricebooks to enable breww to automatically round prices up/down to a defined value?

Our particular use case is a derived pricebook setup which calculates retail prices for use on our webshop - which our team can then use appropriately.
Often these values will be prices such as £3.53 or £69.76.etc, values which we would then round to a more consumer friendly price.
Normally we carry this whole pricing operation outside of breww on a separate spreadsheet using ceiling & floor functions in Google sheets, to minimise human error in rounding prices to the appropriate B2C platform.

It would be helpful for us if we could have a similar functionality in breww & move away from multiple systems. I would envisage this being on a per pricebook basis as we wouldn’t need this functionality across the board (a flat trade discount is a discount.etc).
I’m not sure on the best way to implement this (maybe a rule?), but essentially a way of specifying per pricebook:

  • should breww round these prices? Y/N
  • round up or round down?
  • round to nearest: [£0.00] or

In the ‘round to nearest’ would then have a box to be specific e.g you could put £1.00, £0.50, £0.99.etc

I can see other situations in which this would be useful for us (and hopefully others), such as generating takeout prices for taprooms, easier pricing on B2B platforms.etc

Hopefully I’ve explained myself correctly - if you need any clarity, please let me know. I would be curious to hear others thoughts or suggestions.
Thanks as always.


Thanks Steve, that all makes sense :+1: