Adding "Email" as an Activity to CRM Reporting

As per Jack’s request back in September (Make "Log customer activity" Activity type field not selected by default - #6 by richard-conway)

It would make a lot of sense to make it possible to add “Email” as an activity to CRM reporting so you can analyse properly the total amount of interaction and support your team has done with their leads and customers.



This would be a very useful addition. I noticed in the original thread that the Breww team said it’s difficult because of a backend technicality, would it be any easier to let us have the ability to turn off certain activity types? So I could set up a custom “Email” one that shows up in CRM reporting but deactivate the original one so people don’t use the incorrect activity?

Good news! We’ve added this to the CRM activity reporting now :tada:

Giving you the option to choose if you’d like this enabled or not is actually the most challenging part :joy: We had hoped to give everyone the option to enable this or not, but that part will have to come at a later date. Hopefully, nobody will be too upset to see email included in their reports, as to make this request more feasible, we’ve had to enable it for everyone!

We’re keen to keep the “Email” activity type as one of the activities that Breww “understands” as we have plans for the future to allow emailing your customers directly within Breww, and this would then be able to feed into this CRM activity type automatically… you’d just email them from within Breww, with no need to tell Breww that you’ve done it!

Thanks for putting this suggestion forward :+1:


I’m sure it’s probably part of the same project but having calls automatically added in CRM would be good too when calling from Breww.

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