Email integration for sales emails as CRM activities (email inbox management directly within Breww)

Would be great if BREWW could have an ‘email customer button’ within the Sales activity screen.

This could then use the native client to send the email using the info from the profile.

What would then be amazing is if the email could then be pushed back into BREWW and captured either in ‘documents’ or activity. I have seen something similar in where a unique email address was used to ‘bcc’ to Monday and it captures it there. You will probably be able to come up with a more elegant solution.


I would love this idea as well, so that the correspondence with the customer is being kept in one place, inside of Breww. This way you would be able to quickly look back on earlier correspondence, previous agreements or earlier questions from the customer etc. And maybe attach certain correspondence to a certain order, so if you look back on the order you’ll find the mails and vice versa.

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