Feature requests for Invoice/reminder admin

Hey all!

Where do I manually send out reminders of invoices? It would also be nice to have an option to bulk send out reminders.

I know the automatic option, but as we are still setting everything up I have some reminders I want to send out manually.

I changed the subject as I have more feature requests on the invoice admin side.

having a good overview of the status of invoices (invoiced / reminded / 2nd reminder) in general is very important to keep track of payments (in our neck of the woods all B2B payments are on invoice basis and pre-payment is very rar)- currently I don’t see the status of the reminders in the sales dashboard - only on specific order level.

Ideally there would be a completely seperate page where you would

  1. See the status of the invoice unpaid/past due/reminder 1/reminder 2
  2. can send multple reminders in bulk or with a one-click solution
  3. can send one email to a single customer with multiple past due invoices

Additional features would also be:

  1. insert the name of the contact in the email
  2. The email would have an overview of the invoice number - due date -past due days and amount in the email itself.

Little votes/reactions, but wondering if this is something on the radar?

Speaking from a lot of experience the more on point/efficientwe are, the quicker they will pay.

These all sound like great suggestions, thanks for putting them forward.

I can certainly see this being really useful and so something we will implement in Breww to improve on the automatic reminders that we already have.

Yes, everything in this section of the Breww Community is on the radar :+1: As you can see we get huge numbers of suggestions (which is fantastic), but there are only so many improvements we can launch each week/month. Before encouraging people to this section of the community, we amassed over 600 feature requests which are currently tracked separately to those on here. One of the most significant factors in prioritising features requests/ideas is the number of votes they have, it’s by no means the only factor, but lots of votes is a great indicator to us that lots of customers would benefit from it.

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Hi Luke,

Thanks for the response. I hope this gets picked up because I run into issues every week.

For instance now I want to contact a customer about open invoices, and give them their balance statement, but as the account statement is not exportable I need to copy/paste it into an email, but it gets all jumbled up because of the Breww lay-out

So more feature requests:

  • A Pdf/Excell export of customer statements
  • email statement right out of Breww
  • A pre-built sales report of unpaid invoices filterable by customer0

An exportable account statement would be a great feature, I just thought I’d mention that in the meantime if you go to print this page but change the destination to ‘Save as PDF’, you can get a nicer format than copy/pasting.

Also: bulk download/send of invoices would be great (I accidentally sent invoices to the wrong address - so need to resend/download them now individually - rather I’d download them all and put them in one email in one move)


I am really missing this feature - just a clear overview of open invoices/credit notes is very useful. The available options are way too muddled to communicate to customers unfortunately

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