Product configuration

So here is my issue. I got 1 Arlington send off-site for packaging. When I go to receive from off-site packaging, select the batch, I cant select a product to package into. If i would have racked the same beer onsite it would have given me the options to go in the right packaging. Any other of my beers in Breww works fine, it is just this beer that is giving me issues. I think I have my product configure wrongly but cant figure out what I got wrong.

Any recommendations?

Hi Bert,

Ah yes, I think I know exactly what this will be! When you send beer to be packaged off-site, Breww would have asked the anticipated container type that it would be returned in. Then, when receiving it back, Breww would filter the products available to choose from just to those products that use that container type.

However, I think that’s all a bit unnecessary to be honest! We’ve removed that filtering now, so (if I’m right about the issue!) you should be able to see all the relevant products for that beer when returning it.

Hope that helps - but let me know if I’ve got that wrong!