Receiving multiple product types from offsite packagers

We often send beer away for bottling. Using Breww we send it away using the function provided.

When receiving the bottled beer back, we often receive a portion of it as un-labelled beer, and the remainder of it as labelled beer.

We need these to exist as two separate products for us in Breww.

When trying to receive multiple products back from only one “off-site packager” batch, i run into a problem whereby i can only choose one, and the rest is designated as losses.

Is there a way to receive two different things back from an off site packaging run?

Thanks for the question.
Currently, you’ll have to create a separate off-site packaging instance for each different product you want to receive back. A feature request has already been submitted to be able to receive multiple products back at once, you can find it here - Send beer from multiple vessels to off site packaging and recieve multiple products back. You may want to add a vote to that request.

If you’ve already created the off-site packaging action, you should be able to undo it using the undo arrow next to the action on the batch in question.