Off-site packaging setup

Can I just check we are handling our off-site packaging in the best way.
Generally it takes 3 of our brews to get to the volume required for contract packaging. So say we have 3 brews of the same beer on Breww that are going for bottling. We’ll send these for off-site packaging and they’ll appear as 3 batches at the 3rd part packager. When these are then bottled it looks like we have to convert each gyle on its own, so we end up with different entries on Breww for each gyle even though they have been effectively blended.
Is this the current best way to handle what we do?

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Hi Lewis,

Great question!
The best thing to do here would be to transfer all three brews to one single vessel, large enough to contain them. You can create a virtual vessel to do this, marked as such so nobody accidentally uses it for other means. Then you can create just the one off-site packaging send-off from the large vessel.