Send beer from multiple vessels to off site packaging and recieve multiple products back


A massive improvement here would be to be able to select multiple vessels when sending a single beer for off site packaging, and then being able to split this combined volume into multiple output SKUs, rather than having to do seperate instances of sending volume to 3rd party packagers.

At the moment if I’m sending 3 vessels worth of a single beer style, into multiple SKUs (6 packs, 4x6 packs, 24s), then I might have to go through this process more than 6 times.

We also sometimes send off multiple beer styles, however I appreciate this is probably one complication too far and I think each style could be treated as a separate instance.



Thanks, Alex. I’ve split your message from the help article, into to the feature request section as this would be a great improvement and we can track it through to implementation here.

If anyone else would benefit from this, please give this a vote :+1:

Hi Luke,

I found an earlier topic which helps with the first half of this problem - we now have a ‘tanker’ tank that will allow us to combine multiple gyles into one vessel, and then send that full vessel off for off-site packaging.
I’m still trying to find a workaround for the second half of this problem. With our 3rd party packagers we specify how many hL we want into each format - 10 into cans, 10 into bottles, 10 into keg for example. We don’t know the final production figures until after it’s gone into the packaging, however the 30hL we’ve sent at the moment can only go into one SKU, do you have any suggestions on this?

Hi Alex - We have good news! This feature, allowing you to receive multiple different products from an off-site packing, is now underway!

In the meantime, there is a workaround that you can use, which is to “Undo” the “Sent for off-site packaging” action on the batch and then re-send it out as multiple different off-site packagings once you know the final amounts of each product. It’s far from ideal, but it does the trick. We’re hoping to have this feature out very shortly, so hopefully, we can get it out before you would next need to do this!

We’ll keep you posted :+1:

This feature has now gone live! :tada:

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Great news, thank you Max !

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