Sending & receiving beer from third party packagers

Setting up 3rd party packager for the first time

To create a third party packager in Breww, go to ProductionView3rd party packagers and select New 3rd party packager. You can then set all details for the 3rd party packager as you would with a normal customer or supplier such as contact details, delivery address and more.

Sending beer for off-site packaging

To send your batch for off-site packaging, go to the Production menu, then click the Actions drop-down menu to select Send for off-site packaging. This will give you the option to select which vessel you are sending beer from. Once you click Next, you will be given the option to choose which third-party packager you will be using and the volume you are sending for this packaging instance. You can then also enter the volume lost (if any) and the reason.

Receiving products from off-site packaging

To receive the product you have sent for off-site packaging, go back to ProductionActionsReceive from off-site packaging. You will see the batch that you have sent for off-site packaging. Click next to choose which product you have received back. If you are receiving back a cask or keg product, you can manually select any of your own containers in addition to the number of non-returnables used.

Once you have selected the date and time when you received these back, you can then add any stock items used and this will then deplete the stock from your inventory and you can finalise your received product.

Items received back from 3rd party packagers are held in duty suspense.

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Hi Joe,

Is there a way to recieve the stock back from 3rd party packager to a different site? i can only see that the stock will be alloccted back to the brewery and can’t seem to change it to our warehouse.

Any help appreciated,.



Thanks for the question, Mike.

This isn’t possible at the moment, but it’s a great suggestion. Would you mind posting it as a feature request so we can get this implemented?

In the meantime, you’ll need to bring it back to the site of the batch and then move it to the other site. Cheers.

Me again,
We’re good with the production features send and receive now for 3rd party packagers but we cannot see the intended way to apportion the costs for the packaging. There doesn’t seem to be an option to add packaging costs at return so we thought we should use an inventory receipt for x90 cases etc and add cost there but think that would double up the inbound stock figures if we use the return from packager feature as well to keep that side right.
We considered setting up the case packaging fee as a stock item to be consumed in the return alongside the labels used, but the price varies per volume we send away for the same case back and the brew team don’t see that, so not sure this is the right point in the process as there isn’t a way to edit the cost there either.
What does everyone else do, or what is the thought process in Breww on how to apportion costs for 3rd party packaging?

Thank you anyone… :crossed_fingers: Breww team or breweries for any pointers.

You can assign the cost of third-party packaging to the batch using the Other/Utility Cost tab on a batch. When adding it, you can choose a batch action to assign it to, so for example, if you have received back 400 litres from a third-party packager, you will see a batch action labelled as such. The cost will then be split across just that packaging line.

I sent my batch to an off-site packager but made a mistake. Is there any way to cancel this step and recover the batch? At the moment I want to receive the batch, I cannot select a product. At this moment it’s stuck at the off-site packager.

Hi Gijs, thanks for your comment! You should be able to undo this batch action, which will return the volume sent for packaging to the vessel. Our How do I undo or correct a mistake made on a batch? help article should guide you through how to do this. You should be able to select your products for packaging by selecting ActionsRecieve from off-site packaging, where you can choose the 3rd party packager, followed by your products. If you are not seeing products here, then it would be great if you could raise a support ticket and grant us access to your account, and I can look into this further for you. Cheers!

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Is there a way to release stock after quality checks when it is received back from a 3rd party packager, in a similar method to approval to package checks? When we get beer sent back I would like it signed off by two members of the team before it is released for sale. Thanks!

Hi James, thanks for your comment, and welcome to the community! As you have suggested, you can create a packaging approval on a beer, which means a batch needs to be approved before it is racked or sent to offsite packaging. However, there currently isn’t an approval similar to a packaging approval on its return from the contract packager. However, you can set the stock returned from the 3rd party packager as a Delayed racking release. This will allow you to check the stock and approve it before its released for sale. You can do this when receiving the stock from the 3rd party packager by selecting an alternative Stock release process option (please see below).

This will add the stock to your Delayed racking releases, which you can find by heading to Production → View → Delayed racking releases, where you will be able to release the stock for sale once the team has signed it off (please see below). Let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers!