Sending & receiving beer from third party packagers

Setting up 3rd party packager for the first time

To create a third party packager in Breww, go to Production & click View > 3rd party packagers and select New 3rd party packager. You can then set all details for the 3rd party packager as you would with a normal customer or supplier such as contact details, delivery address and more.

Sending beer for off-site packaging

To send your batch for off-site packaging, go to the Production menu, then click the Actions drop-down menu to select Send for off-site packaging. This will give you the option to select which vessel you are sending beer from. Once you click Next, you will be given the option to choose which third-party packager you will be using and the volume you are sending for this packaging instance. You can then also select volume lost (if any) and the reason.

Receiving products from off-site packaging

To receive the product you have sent for off-site packaging, go back to Production, click Actions and then select Receive from off-site packaging. You will see the batch that you have sent for off-site packaging. Click next to choose which product you have received back. If you are receiving back a cask or keg product, you can manually select any of your own containers in addition to the number of non-returnables used.

Once you have selected the date and time when you received these back, you can then add any stock items used and this will then deplete the stock from your inventory and you can finalise your received product.

Items received back from 3rd party packagers are held in duty suspense.

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