Selecting Container Types

We would like to be able to tell our delivery driver which type of container to deliver to a customer.
When we take an order for a firkin of beer, could we have a way of selecting at that point what container should be delivered. At present we can only select “firkin” and then our driver retrospectively tells us what container has been delivered - House cask or E-cask.
If our driver has a pick list which says 6 Firkins, he doesn’t know at that stage where they are going, so isn’t able to identify which type of container is most suitable. This also relies on our driver deciding which customer should get which container.
If possible I would like to avoid setting up different products for different containers to reduce clutter and work setting up more products.
Is this possible?

Thanks for the question, Robert.

I’ve moved this to the help section for now, but we can move it back to a feature request if it develops into one.

It sounds like you understand how Breww works here. You can either use different container types, to force the House cask or E-cask of choice to be delivered, or you can treat them as a single container type (as you have) and then you can’t force which will be picked.

In all honesty, what you’re asking for sounds like you need to split this into two different container types. Yes, this will give you the “clutter” of two products for each firkin, but then you’ll be able to pick which one is sent when placing the order and see the stock levels of both. Without having both products, you can’t pick which should be sent or know which are in stock. In my opinion, changing how this works in Breww to create a hybrid of the two doesn’t seem like the right solution. I hope you can understand.

If you wanted to stick with a single container type, you could add a note to the order line to specify which, as this will be shown on the printed invoice/delivery note. (This can be done using the “speech bubble” button on the right of a product line when viewing an order.)

I hope this helps, but we’re happy to help further if we can :smile:

I think it just seems logical to me for the package to be a sub-product of the beer. So we sell a cask of a particular beer, and then specify which package should be delivered. Much like how, when we set up the beer, we then specify the containers that it will be available in.
It seems that this is not how Breww is set up to handle products though, so I understand that this may not be a simple change.

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Thanks, Bob. To keep track of these separately, you will need to make them two different container types. It may be that we can change the user interface to group them together in some way to make it feel less cluttered, but in all honestly, we’re not going to change how this fundamentally works behind the scenes, so you will need two products if you want to dictate which container type is used at the point of ordering. If you do make two products now, and if we do improve the UI in the future to group them, you should be able to take advantage of this update then :+1: