Modular Part-Filled Container Product

Could we please have the option of a modular container product for part-fills?

I understand currently you can select “part filled” as an option when creating a new product. However this option can not be turned on for an already active product that has been used.

As such a new, duplicate part filled version must be created. Each of our beers may be used in 8 or more products and creating duplicates to account for any part fills would increase our product list by a third or more. Whilst part fills are rare, having to create a duplicate to account for each one will, over time result in the product list becoming bloated with products that are used only very rarely. Even more so when taking into account any specials, co-labs or new releases.

Would it be possible to have a “Part Filled Container” option when racking that allows you to select the Beer → Container Type → Volume Filled → Container Used. When racked this container could then have a brightly coloured tag on brew showing it is part filled. The price can be set manually when invoicing, based on the beer in question and the brightly coloured tag will mean it is easy to find and manually assign when delivered.

This would mean part fills can be dealt with one at a time by whoever is racking. If the tag was searchable, sales/taproom staff could then look and see what part filled containers were on site and available for use.

Thanks for the suggestion, Toby.

I must say that I don’t think merging full and part-fill products is a good idea.

Essentially, it’s extremely important that there’s no confusion when selling a product, whether the customer should be receiving a part-filled or a full product (both from a pricing point of view and what the customer is expecting to receive). It’s also crucial when racking and assigning to deliveries that there’s absolutely no confusion as to how full the cask/keg should be. There’s also no good reason to change the part-filled/full status of any existing product (this would just cause confusion as to what the product represents).

For the above reasons, keeping these as separate products makes a huge amount of sense, not to mention that changing this would be loads of work (and for minimal gain).

Having said all of this, if there are some places where you find the “clutter” of these extra products a problem, please let us know, as we could far more easily solve the clutter issue by making some UI changes. I’m thinking that there could be some tick boxes that are not ticked by default (so part-filled products are not shown by default) and when ticked, will show only part-filled products. Maybe the “Product finder” when adding a product to an order would be a good place for this? Are there any other places that you’d like this?

What do you think about this alternative suggestion? Cheers, and thank you for helping us to make Breww even better :smile:

Thank you for your response Luke.

To be honest, my concern about clutter overtime and the additional work needed to set up part fill versions for any given product outweighs any concerns I have about part fill products causing confusion. We have worked with the occassional part fill without any issues for the last 15 years or more, noting part fills on an individual basis without the need for its own product. Part fills are usually a rare occurance, except for beer sold through our tap room bar.

For example, our tap room invoices the brewery each week for the stock that was used. In order to sell beer from bright tanks, we have created a virtual 20L container product for every one of the beers we produce. This allows us to rack and sell the beer to the tap room and then assign the relevent containers. However this means we will need to create a second part-filled version of this product for every beer we brew, just to account for the one container each week that does not contain the full 20L.

As it stands, this means 17 additional products, some of which may not be used for weeks, months or years at a time. If we also include Firkins, Pins, 10L Minipins, 30L Ekegs and 30L Polykegs, that is 50+ additional part fill duplicate products that may need to be created. With every new beer we make adding 3-6 more poetential part fill products. Whilst these can be created as needed moving forward, it just feels very cumbersome.

Some form of filter or change to the UI to allow part filled products to be hidden or view specifically would make it easier to manage, yes. It would be ideal if there was both the option to view them in the product finder, but also exluded or included them as needed when looking on the “All Products List” as well as on any reporting.

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Thanks, Toby. This is all really useful information.

I do have concerns about confusion and how this would be implemented from a technical point of view, that don’t outweigh the problems you’re predicting :smile: I appreciate your opinion on this, but I must say that we don’t have any appetite to change how these are structured (as separate products).

However, as an alternative, we are totally open to making user-interface changes to counter the clutter problem (and any others) :+1: There may also be other improvements possible, such as allowing you to quickly create a part-filled alternative from the normal version of a product.

If anyone else has any comments or suggestions on this, please add them below.