Additional Information on Product Labels or Customisable Labels


We’d like to be able to put additional information on the product labels. For example:

  • Beer Type

  • Beer Description

  • Address of our brewery

  • Ingredients

  • Vegan friendly status

  • Ideally being able to move fields around the label, as we print onto a label that isn’t a square or rectangle. Is there a label editor in the works?



We’d really something like this as well please. When using Brewman we had the following info on our can case and keg/cask labels:
Brief description of the beer
Ingredients and storage info
Brewery address

Thanks guys, this makes a lot of sense. We have been considering allowing for fully customisable labels, a bit like we do for Invoice/Delivery Note templates (but they would be far simpler as there would be so much less information!)

I think this would be the best route to take here as then anyone can make them exactly as they’d like them. This would be considerably easier for us to implement for thermal labels than for the A4 sheets, so I’d expect it to only be available for thermal labels (initially at least). Would this work for you?

(The difficulty with the A4 sheets is to fit the label into the right spot on the sheet without someone making something too big that would cause other labels on the sheet to be pushed out of place.)

Any options just to write an extra line for unfined, vegan, unfiltered etc would be fab


Great news, as a start to this project, you can customise the text at the bottom of the stock (racking) labels.

There is certainly more that we can do here to make these more customisable, so I’m going to leave this open until there have been even more improvements.

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Hi guys. I agree with all the previous comments. I’m finding the Breww labels way too restrictive in format as they don’t give our customers all the information (and branding) they are used to getting on our current labels. I hope you can resolve it soon and we can simplify our operation by moving to Breww-printed labels. Cheers! Alex


This feature is greatly needed, as it is SIBA guidelines to now have ALC x.x% Vol on all keg/ cask labels. Meaning without this, you could fail your FSQ.

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I don’t think we could switch over to Breww (labelling) until we can customise these labels as they’re not SALSA compliant as previous poster has said re SIBA too, nor have they got the info on our customers expect/like.
Hands up just reviewing Breww suitability so maybe there is a feature I could be pointed at for the contract side but I will also like/need to be able to customise labels to suit contract clients that all have different styles/logos and requirements. Obviously all the fields need to remain available to pull from batch, product traceability and stock but the ability to add fixed text, change logo/images & other fields (not yet sure which as not yet Breww user) will be essential to using the Breww labelling features.
I could continue to do this external to Breww maybe but would need to get my head round the whole batch management and stock implications of that.
What is the timeframe on a label editor or further customisation options?

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Thanks everyone for your comments on this.

We have made a change to our standard template to accommodate this guidance from SIBA and so the format of how the ABV is displayed has been changed to the below example:

Screenshot 2022-07-05 at 15.57.46

As this task has been picking up a lot of votes, it’s certainly moving up the priority list. We’re reviewing this at the moment to see if we can squeeze this into the plan soon and we’ll get back to you shortly with an update :+1:

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I have an exciting update for you - we had a brain wave on how to implement this (which was much easier than originally thought) and have today released a beta version of this feature!

This is still a complex feature and so don’t be too surprised if there are some teething issues with custom templates, but you should now have the tools needed to make these labels look however you like (and can quickly swap back to the default template if needed). :tada:

If you go to SettingsLabel settingsCustom stock label templates, then you should be able to make your own label template. Having made a template, you can choose which container types should use this template.

I’d suggest you assign your custom template to a single container type first and make sure to test it out. The easiest way to test your template is to use a “Planned packaging” on a batch (for the right container type) and generate some labels. If you have any troubles, you can always keep your template and unassign it from any container types, so that you can keep working on the template without “breaking” any labels that you need to print.

Please give this a try and let us know how you get on and any feedback that you have :+1:

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Really impressed by this feature and the speed of implementation thank you.
I have had a 20min play around and once got to grips with the interface it seems to do exactly what we need.
I’m sure there will be extra useful bits when I spend more time.
Thank you

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Thanks, Claire, great to hear you’ve got the hang of it and it’s working for you :grinning:

I do agree that there’s still room for improvement on the interface here, so welcome any feedback in that regard, but making the UI work as it does currently meant we could leverage many existing components to get a first version released much more quickly.

If anyone has any other suggestions having used this, please let us know!

This is great, but it’s crying out for more beer/product-specific tags. as per Neil’s opening FR. Are these in the works? Or have I missed something? Ideally these would be user-definable (name and value), but I can see that might be an ask too far. Just a “label note” on the beer/product would be useful.


Thanks, Jon, you’re right there is more to do here, so apologies for not including this originally. We’ll look to get these extras added.

I can see there are editable templates for the stock labels which is great- is there a timeline on rolling this out for delivery labels?
Even without the editor it would be great to at least have the batch gyle number on the labels to improve warehouse workflow.

There’s no timeline for this being enabled for delivery labels, and I don’t think there’s been a feature request submitted for this yet either.

If you’d like to put this forward as its own feature request, that would be great as I can see how this would work really well and it can piggyback on the work done for stock labels. There has been a request for Gyle Number on delivery labels but that could probably be superseded by fully customisable delivery labels… or if that’s the main priority for you could you give that a vote, as that’s a much smaller development task in comparison to fully customisable labels, to be honest!

I’m now actually attempting to customise our labels and having the following issues, likely through lack of knowing what I’m doing. Does anyone have any advice please?

  1. We need change change the dimensions of the thermal labels as a start for our thermal printers to 101x54 (54 is our max width).
  2. I can resize the text however for some reason I cannot work out how to resize all the variables, they constantly revert to 15pt even though I’ve had them highlighted. There are a couple that can be resized but no link to those that cannot i.e still text etc
  3. Spacing is mind boggling and I cannot work out from the code why. After the {{label.product}} the next table jumps to the next page/label although there is massive space that the table would fit in. Any coding geniuses out there…?
    Thank you in anticipation to the collective brain and Breww Crew

Thanks, Claire.

  1. You cannot (currently) change the label size. We’re going to have a look into how easy this would be to make customisable.
  2. Ah, sorry, this doesn’t worry quite right to be honest. If you try to highlight the variable and change the text size it doesn’t change. We’ll look into this. As a work-around for now, you can remove the variable, then change the text size for where the cursor is and re-insert the variable again and it should be at the correct size. Here’s a short video which should demonstrate this:
  3. There are so many moving parts between you using a visual editor and your printer printing out the label. Do your labels have the big space on the screen as well as when printed, or just when printed?

Great news, @claire-lee2, this was an easy tweak, so you can now customise the size of the label that’s generated using two new fields in the same form. This won’t work for A4 labels, but should do the trick for thermal labels :+1:

Any questions, let us know :smile:

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Hi, another vote here for there being a beer/product specific variable on the custom stock label. We want to be able to add a vegan status also. Cheers.