Mechanism to Sell Tank Beer by the Litre (rack/sell draft beer & obtain draught duty relief)


The majority of the beer sold on draught at our tap room is from 1000 litre tanks.

Currently we rack the beer into part-filled “virtual” 1000 litre containers. Part filling the volume sold that week and amending the price on the invoice to reflect the volume sold.

This is an akward process and open to human error. A method to sell directy from tank would be extremely useful and save time every week.


Would it be easier to rack into 1000* 1L “containers” and invoice for the number sold?
Like, have a “TankBeerLitre” container type?
Except for part litres of course. Hmmm. I guess rounding to the nearest whole litre would work out pretty well.

(* or however many you actually put in the serving tank.)

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Thanks for the suggestion, Toby, and Jon for the insight; that could well be a good solution for now.

I think this request is probably a duplicate of Assign kegs/casks for automatic racking of pints etc. for POS order fulfilments (although considered from a slightly different angle). Toby, do you think that other request would cover what you need? If so, can you please vote for that one and let me know so I can close this one? Cheers.

Hi Jon
This is the method we used to use, however with the new draught beer duty rules a 1L container does not qualify for draught relief. As such the “container” must be at least 20L in volume.

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Hi Luke
I do not think that the “Assign Kegs/Casks for Automatic Racking of Pints” would work for us. As I understand the “containers” would not qualify for draught relief as they would be under 20L in volume.

What we would like is the function of serving pints from a bright tank, whilst having draught relief applied as the beer is coming from a 1000L bright tank. Using virtual part-filled containers as we are currently is akward, prone to error and also interferes with reporting.


Doh. Of course. I am so behind the times. (tank beer’s been talked about here, but I obviously wasn’t paying attention) I suppose it depends on how long it takes your tap to clear a tank. Selling the whole thing in one go hits one months duty return. So, obv you don’t want that. I guess what you could do with is a way of calculating variable pricing for a part-filled container (based on a per-liter amount).

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Hi, we have a similar issue where we use our Brite tanks as serving vessels too. They serve pints (halves and thirds aswell) at the taps in our Tap Room, and we also drop kegs and small pack (cans) from them.

Racking to Kegs and Cans works fine using the normal process in Breww, but for wet sales from the tap, I have to do a stock take at the duty month end, and essentially whatever is registered in Breww for that brite tank, less the real-life volume (which will be lower as pints will have been served!) equates to the beer served at the taps. I then rack this into a virtual keg of disproportionate volume (!) and dummy-sell it to the Tap Room to trigger the correct duty.

It is cumbersome, prone to error and head scratching, must be sold and dummy-delivered within the correct duty period (as you now cannot manually set the duty period for a sale), which can be a royal pain to get right when month end lands awkwardly, but it does work!

Using this work-around means whilst cans and kegs can be sold using our POS integration and sales and stock tally up nicely, there’s no chance with wet sales. On the plus side we do protect our cashflow and duty is paid appropriately. The alternative (which is where we started), is to sell and pay for upfront the full Brite once the beer is conditioned and ready to serve or rack, which has a cashflow significance and also prevents you from dropping kegs and cans into the Breww delivery system etc.

Any improvements on integrating tap rooms into Breww would be a major bonus for us and I would think most small breweries who rely heavily on tap room integration.

Thanks Simon.

You’re right, tracking this in Breww at the moment isn’t ideal. This is why we don’t recommend tracking the volume of sales of individual pints (and similar) in Breww.

Instead, we recommend following the process outline at Handling served drinks (pints, wine by the glass, etc). Attempting to track individual pints solves through Breww will come with many complications that typically are not worth the effort, but it is up to you.

Hopefully we can improve this in the future to better support selling beer by volume, but I would recommend to anyone else reading this, that for now, you accept that there might be a cashflow implication on the duty of moving kegs to your taproom and offset this with a significant time saving on not having to track the individual pint sales within Breww. This should only have a cashflow implication and not a total amount of duty paid implication. (Any beer unable to be sold out of a keg could be ullaged.)

You can actually move a delivery’s duty implications to a different duty period if you’d like to.

I hope this makes sense, but please do let us know if you have any questions. We do plan to improve Breww to allow tracking of the sales of pints better in the future, but it’s not really intended to be used in that way right now, which is why this isn’t as easy to do as most other things that you can do in Breww.

I don’t see any way apart from using “virtual part filled containers” - If you don’t want to “dispatch” the “serving” tank all in one go, but you do want to have draught relief eligible volumes. tbh, I’m surprised the Excise are OK with this. We had a visit yesterday, I should have asked.

I agree with Jon on this front. As beer in our bright tanks is sold in pints, 2/3rds and 1/3rds through the brewery tap room bar as well as racked into kegs, casks, pins, minipins and minicasks we are not able to sell the entire bright tank in advance.

Selling the entire tank in advance does also not accout for any wastage or loss which will not be known until the tank is empty. This would be well after the duty point and would need you to then make adjustments on your duty return.

As virtual containers are currently the only accurate and viable method of selling draught beer through Breww it would be good if part-fill products could scale thier price according to the actual volume in the container. This would remove the need for us to manually adjust the price for every product line on ever invoice we issue weekly.

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Well, there is the option of using a service product to account for the volume sold to / through yr taproom - and a part-fill (zero priced) for the duty. Bit of a mess though?

That would be a bit to messy.

Essentially what we want is the abilty to rack draught beer by the litre and pay draught relief on that litre. As it is being racked from a 1000 litre tank and sold for consumption in the tap room.