Moving an order/delivery to a different UK beer duty return

If you need to move an order to a different duty return, it can easily be done by following these steps:

  1. Open the order that you want to move from Sales
  2. Click on View in the delivery pane to access the delivery for the order.
  3. Look under the “Delivery summary” header and find the line for the duty return.
  4. Click on the Move button on the duty return line.

  1. Choose the new duty return where you want to move the order.
  2. Ensure you are happy with the return move and if so check the box for “I’m sure that I wish to move the duty payable from this delivery to a different duty return.”
  3. Click Move to duty return.

By moving an order to a different duty return, you can ensure that your duty returns are accurate and up-to-date.

Please note that when the UK changed the beer duty scheme regime on 1st August 2023, this meant that it was no longer possible to move the date between regimes. You can move pre-August items to any time pre-August, and you can move post-August items to another time post-August. You just can’t move from post-August to pre-August and visa-versa.