Stock levels for alias beers


I’m brewing a one of our core beers for someone under a different name.

These will have a set amount as labels are different, and will have a clear divide between our own brand and the ones for them.

The batch is split, so some will go into kegs as our product for our bar, the rest into bottles for their product.

Is there a way to set the stock indication of said alias beer?

Hi all,

Any thoughts on the above?



Hi Rob,

Sorry we missed this! Thanks for the nudge.

Oh sure, so aliases in Breww are designed specifically for simply having a different name for a product that can be used on your invoices - and they are completely tied to the underlying product’s stock.

If the products are actually slightly different, and you’d like to be able to track their stock separately (even if they are the same beer in the same container type) - I’d recommend setting it up as a brand new product, but that uses the same underlying beer + container type. If it is set up like this then the product will have its own stock levels that can be tracked, and you can use the “Assemble product” function to move stock between the two (i.e. if you re-labelled for example). This way you can also rack directly into either from the racking screen, using different stock items (different labels etc.) for the different products.

Let me know if that makes sense, just say if not!


Hi Max,

Very helpful thanks.

Essentially same product, different labels, but due to wanting to stock control it I have set it up as a new product.
hi had also forgotten about the assemble product tool, which makes things easier if I do need to re-label or ‘transfer’ stock levels around.




Hi Rob,

Perfect - glad I was able to help!


Hi Max,

Thought I would reply here as seemed best place!

I now have two products packaged from one beer, both small pack.

I had for example 120 bottled of beer A and 120 bottles of beer B.

I assigned 10 cases (of 12) of beer A to delivery, and the system auto allocated the stock into these cases. Which is great, as we also sell our beer online by the bottles so this feature has been great so far.

However, it assigned all the Beer B bottles into cases for Beer A. If that makes sense. As I only just noticed our webstore showing out of stock incorrectly. so I still have 120 individual bottles of beer A on the system, but none of beer B!

Is there any way to avoid the multi-pack case assigning beer that’s already been racked as Beer A, into cases of beer B, instead of beer B?

The only fix I can think of so far is to rack all of beer A into cases directly from racking, and then rack all of beer B into bottles as normal. I would assume them, when creating cases of beer B, it would auto assemble from these bottles, and leave the cases of beer A as is?