Pre-Sales and Shopify


Currently we have to rack cans early so they show up in shopify to be able to sell.

It’d be amazing if there was a way that we could have it available on shopify without having to rack the beer first…

Am I missing something?

Thanks for the question. Although you can specify “Planned packagings” on a batch, when it comes to sales from external platforms, such as Shopify, the assumption is that the stock needs to be available right now (rather than some time in the future), so only your current stock will show as available on Shopify. It’s possible to sell “future stock” within Breww itself if we know from Planned packagings that the stock will have been racked before the order’s delivery date.

We have an open feature request to Mark vessels/tanks/casks as "available to rack to order", which might be what you’re looking for? If so, could you give that thread a vote? For more information on how we handle/prioritise feature requests, please see 💡 Posting ideas & feature requests for Breww 💙

If that other request doesn’t cover what you’re looking for, could you let me know why so we can assist further?