Allow stock items to be drawn down for packing orders made up of single cans/bottles

Would it be possible to allow for boxes / dividers etc to be drawn down from inventory on orders for the webshop?

Currently stock is only accounted for if they purchase full cases but in an ideal world we would like to allocate a box for mixed single can orders too. I guess the inventory would have to be linked to the order rather than the stock?


You should be able to assign a box/divider/etc to the mixed pack product, just as you can for the multipack products. You can set this to be used when the product is assembled. If you go to the mixed pack product, click the Edit button and check the “Component stock items” tab, you should see the options.

Can you let me know if this doesn’t work for you, and if so, why? (So we can ensure we build a suitable solution). Cheers.

Hi Luke,

Yes, I can see this would work for mixed packs but my question is more about what happens if a customer orders 6 individual cans. We would still need to pack these out in a 6 pack box but how would we allocate the boxes in this situation?

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Ah, I see, sorry, I misunderstood what you meant before, but it makes complete sense now.

This will certainly involve some thought to make sure we get it right, but we should be able to build something to help with this. If anyone else would like to see this, please give this thread a vote :+1:

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Thanks… probably didn’t explain it very well!

We’d like a similar feature too! We ship 2 x 12 packs in 1 bigger box, but the 12 packs vary so the big box can’t be allocated to the product. It would be good if we could allocate it at the delivery stage so the inventory and margins are recorded accurately but not shown on any invoices to the customer.
We’d need to be able to turn this on and off too as we don’t use them for all couriers.