Multi-Turn Material Capture in Pre-Brew Stock Check

Hello Team Breww

Starting to use the multi turn feature in breww for our newer recipes but i’ve noted that doing a pre brew stock check for a material run, there isn’t a way to note how many turns,

Eg, one turn uses 3kg of yeast, i know we are doing 3 turns of it, but the pre brew stock shows 3kg, so its only counting whats in the base recipe

The current solution is to book the recipe 3 times into pre brew stock check but ideally a way to incorporate number of turns into pre-brew stock check would be ideal

Thanks for the suggestion, Liam.

The quantity of ingredients required for a batch is based on the recipe volume and then scaled for the batch volume. The number of turns doesn’t impact the total quantity of ingredients needed so you can get the correct quantities of ingredients in the pre-brew stock check by ensuring you enter the correct batch volume.

Let’s say that your recipe has 3kg of an ingredient on a “Repeats per turn” stage and the recipe is for 1000L. If you brew a 1000L batch with one turn, 3kg will be used in that turn. If you later brew a 1000L batch but this time by using two turns, Breww will apply 1.5kg of the ingredient to each turn (still 3kg in total).

The total quantity of the ingredient isn’t affected by the number of turns and so the recipe should be entered with the total quantity of the ingredient to produce the volume given.

In another example, if you took the same recipe and brewed a 2000L batch, Breww would scale up the 3kg to 6kg and then split this evenly over the number of turns being used.

For this reason, no changes should be needed to the pre-brew stock check as the number of turns doesn’t impact the total ingredient quantity required. I hope this makes sense. We have a help guide on this topi, which explains this in more detail, at:

If you’ve any questions on this, please do let us know.