Multi-turn batch OG field

The scenario is as follows:
I have a multi-turn batch. Two turns, let’s say on one day.
In the recipe creation I have added required actions, one of which is to record the OG.
So Turn 1 reads an OG of 1.046, for instance.
And Turn 2 reads an OG 1.047.

When I later click on the tank Icon under “Production”, it shows a summary of the tank contents, and a field that says “Please Provide an Original Gravity”.
Shouldn’t the software calculate the OG based on the volume of each turn and its particular OG?
Why do I have to add that field in after the fact?

Thanks for the question, Henry.

When building your recipes, you can add as many “Take reading” actions as you’d like, such as pre-boil and post-boil, but you could easily take multiple additional readings, such as during transfer from the kettle to the fermentation vessel.

If Breww was to assume that one of these was the OG this would certainly be incorrect in many cases. If Breww was to assume the average (or volume-weighted average) of these was the OG, this would also be wrong in many cases. This is why Breww doesn’t currently assume any of your readings entered into a recipe are the OG (or attempt to calculate the OG from them).

We’ve some big improvements planned for the brewing page of Breww which should mean that this can work even better in the future, but for now, I’m afraid you do have to enter the OG manually as this ensures that Breww hasn’t made an incorrect assumption over what the OG should be.