Confused by Ingredients Management- When Are Ingredients Assigned?

I’m looking to check ingredient levels with the Pre-Brew Stock Check feature, but the way the “Would you like to include stock that is due to be used by planned or in-progress batches?” part is confusing me a little.

Does this include all stuff in-tank? All stuff planned? It seems to be telling me I never have enough stock to make beer due to ingredients being used by currently in-production beers.

At which point are ingredients taken out of stock and allocated to batches? Does this change with multi-turn brews?

e.g. We brew our pale ale in 3 turns of 5000L each, does the software allocate the ingredients to make 150000L as soon as I start the brew, or when we check them off on the brew sheet/brewing section, or when the beer is completed?

Hi Matt! For the purposes of the Pre-brew stock check, an ingredient on a batch’s recipe is considered “Complete” if it’s either been manually ticked off on the batch’s Brewing page, or if the recipe action has had stock assigned to it.

For example, looking at the recipe action below, the action has both been ticked as “Complete” and it’s had stock assigned to it. Doing either of these will mean the Pre-brew stock check will consider this “Complete”.

You can add ingredients to a batch without assigning them to a recipe action, but as the Pre-brew stock check works by going through the recipe actions that have not yet been completed, if it hasn’t been assigned to the recipe action, Breww will still include it in the Pre-brew stock check.

Breww will automatically assign ingredients added to a batch to the recipe action when auto-allocating or if you manually add the ingredient from the Brewing page. However, if you manually add them from the Ingredients tab on a batch and don’t select the relevant recipe action, Breww won’t know that the recipe action has been completed and will include it in the check.

Separately from the Pre-brew stock check, ingredients are assigned to a batch and removed from stock as soon as they have been allocated to the batch. The easiest way to see all ingredients allocated to the batch, and therefore have been removed from stock and contribute to the batch’s costings, is under the Ingredients tab on the main batch page.