Moving ingredients in a batch from one location to another

We have two brewing locations - a main brewery and a pilot brewery.
Each location has is own brewhouse and tanks in Breww.

Up until now, I could create and start a batch in the pilot brewery and Breww would warn that there were insufficient ingredients to start the batch. I would override this and start the batch anyway.
Afterwards while viewing that batch down the page in the “ingredients” tab I have been able to assign each ingredient from the recipe to the batch and Breww would automatically assign those ingredients (I would have to do them one at a time) from the stock in the main brewery.

Now, it does not do that. The green “+” square to add that ingredient from stock is greyed out and I can’t proceed.

Is there a way to assign those ingredients from the main location’s stock?

Hi Henry, thanks for your comment! It sounds like you may be referring to two brewery sites rather than locations. When allocating ingredients to a batch, the site holding the ingredient stock must match the site where the batch is being brewed. Being able to use ingredients from a different site was considered a bug, and this has now been fixed!

As “sites” in Breww are specifically meant to represent geographically separated physical locations, it is not possible to consume stock that is held at a different site. If you want to share stock when using different brewing systems, both must be held at the same site. Alternatively, the stock required for the batch can be moved to the correct site before starting the batch. Our How do I move/transfer product stock and stock items to a different site/location? help article should guide you through how to do this, but let me know if you have any more questions. Cheers!

Thanks for the reply, Ben.
What you considered a bug I considered a “feature”.
While I understand your definition of “site” I found it quite convenient to add the ingredients from the main site to the pilot site on an as-needed basis, right in the batch.
I guess I’ll have to resort to a multi-step process to move inventory.

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