Pre-brew stock check

Having some issues with the Pre-brew stock check feature - I’m trying to work out what ingredients we need for the next few brews but it’s saying that one of the beers in tank still needs all it’s ingredients despite the fact we’ve already brewed it! The other three beers in tank aren’t included on the list so not sure why this one is. Any ideas why the ingredients might not have been allocated at brew time and how to solve it?


Hi Richard,

I’m sorry you’ve been experiencing an issue here.
Would you mind creating a support ticket for this and allowing us access to your account so we can figure out what’s going on here? In the support ticket, please could you let us know the batch number of the brew in-tank that you think is showing incorrectly, as well as a screenshot of the options you’ve selected for the pre-brew stock check. I’ll then be able to look into this for you.


Hi Matt,

Thanks for replying - I’ve managed to get around it by removing all the ingredients from the batch and re-adding. I’ll keep a close eye and if it happens again I’ll log a ticket.