Mix and Match product mapping with Woocommerce

We are trying to integrate a mix and match plugin for woocommerce which maps to individual products. Has anyone had any joy mapping the SKUs on anything similar?

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I use one for our gift packs and it maps over fine.
What part is causing issue?

Ours comes across to Brew as the gift pack priced, then lists the beers inside as separate items as ‘free’.

Although my gift packs are a set price, regardless of beer picked.


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Yes, I know a number of different mix and match (and “bundle”) plugins with WooCommerce can be used with Breww. Often, as Rob mentions, these work by adding to the order a “parent mix & match product” followed by the individual component products. I know with some of these plugins, you can choose if the “parent product” should be priced as free with the components having the cost split, or have the components at free with the entire cost on the parent product. This should be in the settings for your WooCommerce plugin, if it supports this.

For Breww to import an order from WooCommerce, all products must be mapped to their Breww counterpart (including any parent mix & match product). This might be the reason why you’re not getting the order coming through to Breww? Typically, it’s best to create a “service product” in Breww for the mix & match parent product as this way the order can be imported without any stock implications for the parent product (and the components are the only products which affect stock and require delivering). To create a service product in Breww, you simply go to Products > New product, fill in the top section and leave the “components” section at the bottom completely blank. This service product will now have infinite stock available and you can map this to the mix and match product in WooCommerce.

If this isn’t what’s needed to bring the order into Breww, you can use our import testing tool to force Breww to attempt an import for this order and tell you why it cannot import the order. See this post for how to do this: Why has my website or EPOS order not downloaded into Breww?

I hope this helps. Cheers.

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Thanks, sorry meant to reply at the time. this worked a treat

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