Getting Products Out of The System

This may seem a bit of a dumb question, but is there any way of getting product stock out of the system with out generating a sales order or reducing stock due to losses or spoilage?

I ask because we have been tentatively playing with Breww for the production control, inventory management, and product costing tools, however our sales guys aren’t interested in using it unfortunately so no sales orderes are being generated to deprecate the stock levels, it will just mount up endlessly to a lake of beer lol

I need to adjust stock from stock takes and assign the outgoings to something like ‘General Sales’ up to a certain date. Spoilage or losses doesn’t seem appropriate in this circumstance?

Hi Andrew, welcome to the Breww Community!

An endless lake of beer sound incredible to me, but I can see how this could be a little impractical :joy:

The 3 ways to reduce stock are:

  • Manual reductions
  • Orders being delivered
  • Stock takes

Ideally, your sales team would start to use Breww too, as Breww works best when used end-to-end. For example, Breww cannot calculate your beer duty without you delivering orders of beer, and by not putting your sales through you’re missing out on lots of time-saving features and reports.

However, if their decision is not to use it, then I’d suggest you place orders and “deliver” them to make your stock reductions. This could be just one order each week (or month) if that’s easiest. This way Breww can still calculate your beer duty for you, and it’s probably the easiest process to do on a regular basis so is likely the one with the fewest mistakes.

Out of interest, why do they not want to use Breww for sales? We’re always looking for how to best improve the product, so any feedback would be much appreciated.

Cheers :beers:

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Hi Luke,

That sounds like a plan, i’ll try one consolidated order at the end of the month and see how that works. We’re in an unusual situation that because all our stock moves out of suspension to a non bonded warehouse as soon as its packaged we pay duty on what we produce rather than what we sell.

The sales guys are ludites somewhat and don’t want to move from the sage system they have for trade (i am aware we can integrate however), but the majority of our business is online retail on a platform that isn’t supported at the moment, and they are reluctant to have to add online sales manually when the backend in that system works well for them already.

I am working on them though lol, and thank you for the warm welcome we’ve loved discovering what the software can offer so far :smile:


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