Why has my website or EPOS order not downloaded into Breww?

This applies to any orders from any of our external sales platform, ecommerce and POS integrations, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Square, Zettle, Sellar and any others.

Are all products on the order mapped?

The majority of the time, orders don’t appear in Breww because a product on the offending order has not been mapped to a product in Breww. To fix this, ensure all products are mapped in Settings > Integrations > [The sales platform] > Actions > Product mapping.

All products on an order must be mapped before Breww can import an order. If you’re selling an item which you don’t want to track stock for in Breww, such as a gift voucher or draft beer, you can create a “Service” product to map these to. This will allow Breww to import the order, but they won’t have stock levels to sync or require any stock to be assigned when completing the delivery.

It’s possible to create a single service product in Breww, for example “Draft beer” and link all draft beer products on the external platform to that one product in Breww. The benefit of this is a smaller Breww product catalogue and less time taken creating products, but the downside is that you cannot then report on sales of the different products from within Breww, as to Breww they are all the same item. For better reporting in Breww, you should ensure each individual product exists in Breww.

Is the customer mapped (SIBA and Sellar only)?

For our SIBA and Sellar integrations (only), Breww will prompt you to map your SIBA/Sellar customers to their Breww counterpart. Please ensure that the customer is mapped, by going to Settings > Integrations > [The sales platform] > Actions > Customer mapping.

Force an import to see why an order couldn’t be imported

If you have mapped all of your products and the order still doesn’t appear, Breww has a handy option to check why an order hasn’t been downloaded in Settings > Integrations > [The sales platform] > Actions > Force import/update/test a single order. Just enter the sales platform’s order number there, and Breww will then attempt to download the order directly. If it can’t, Breww will explain why so that you can easily fix why it is being blocked.

Open the force import/test tool from the Actions menu next to your integration

After entering the correct order, Breww should either confirm the order has been successfully imported, or explain why this couldn’t happen.