Problems with stock control multipack

Hi, we have just done our post christmas stock take and Breww is showing 60 bottles of IPA, whilst physical stock levels are actually zero. We have sold 5 cases of IPA to trade as 12x500ml which Breww has helpfully auto assembled but has not taken out of stock

What have we done wrong?


Hi Paul, thanks for your message. This should only occur if they have not been dispatched, in which case your quantity in stock figure would still show these bottles in stock; however, the quantity available wouldn’t show these in stock. If, however, these have been dispatched, but the stock is still showing, it would be great if you could provide a screenshot of the IPA bottle and 12X500ml bottle product pages, please? So I can look into this further for you? Cheers!

Hi Ben

Thanks for taking a look at this,
We have in stock 1x500ml IPA
Breww says we have 61x 500ml IPA as per attached Screenshot

Here is log

here is product page for 12x500ml

and logs for 12 x500ml

please can you tell us what we are doing wrong, it appears that Breww is not deducting from stock when we send out a 12x500ml


Hi Paul, thanks for your reply. Would it be okay if you raised a support ticket for this, please, and grant us access to your account? I will then be able to have a closer look at this for you, as, unfortunately, I cannot currently definitively see why your stock is incorrect. Cheers!


How do i do this?

Hi Paul, you can raise a support ticket by heading to the “Need Help” section in the main menu on the left of your screen in your Breww account. When you raise the ticket, you can then choose whether you would like to grant us access. Cheers.