Margin by customer as well as customer type


Could you extend the margin by customer type report so as to include the option to select a specific customer?

I have one customer type for internal use but it includes multiple “customers” to account for stock moving to webshop/pub/festival. I would like to be able to generate a report for each of them to see what the cost price of the moved stock is.

If there are other ways to get this please let me know.

Thanks Gijs, I’m sure we can get this done for you as it shouldn’t be too complex.

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Aside from generating it on a customer-specific level it would also be great to be able to group the results it in day/month/year as you can do in the liters sold per beer report as a way to easily overview the different months in comparison.

Any chance for this to be added to the report?

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Hi Luke,

Unfortunately this has not been implemented yet. I am currently stll stuck between multiple liters sold reports and exports and the margin by customer type report for all the data I need.

Any chance that this will be implemented soon?

We’re working on a number of substantial projects at the moment, so haven’t had a chance to get to this yet.

We’re expecting to have a focus on reporting improvements in a few months and hopefully, we can include this in that project.

7 months on and I still am missing a simple(?) margin by customer report

We’re working hard on improving Breww all the time, but requests come in thick and fast, so they do take some keeping up with. For example, you’ve personally requested 58 new features, not to mention all the other requests from others that you’ve voted for.

We’re delighted that you and our other community members engage with Breww in this way and we always encourage and appreciate feedback and feature requests.

This request only has one vote, so far, and you haven’t voted for it. This would suggest to us that it’s not in your top 20 requests. The votes are they way that our customers tell us what is most important to them. For more information on this, please see Why do I only have 20 votes. If this is a key priority for you, you can retract a vote from something less important to you and give it to this instead :+1:

Hi Luke

I just have great ideas often resulting from a very active engagement with your great platform :wink:

This just seems like a very small update to me - easily forgotten about but easy to implement.

Anyway - voted for myself

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Good news! We’ve now launched a new pre-built “Margin by customer” report :tada:

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