Rate of Sale report

We’ve had a few requests previously for a ‘Rate of Sale’ report, but none have officially been logged on our feature request board. It would be great to hear what Breww users would like from a report like this, so please add your votes and comments!

Absolutely ! One feature I’d like to see is ROS by customer by product/container type (Queens Head - 2 casks per week over the last 2 months) and a report when someone drops below (last week didn’t take any) - this would give sales team members a list of accounts that need some extra care.

From an ops side, I’d like to see the ROS report (or rate of production, rate of consumption etc…) of all SKUs used to then calculate raw material consumption - ie ROS of current SKUs leads to demand of 10k bottles per month over all bottled SKU forecasts, forecast to increasing/decreasing at X% etc. This would help with longer term planning (ie bottle contracts for the year).

Similarly for leased Casks - ROS report would feed into an ordering schedule to Kegstar - 2 pallets a week, increasing to 3 etc.


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