customer specific Price/stock list

Still getting the hang of it, so might totally miss this but where can I generate a stock/pricelist that takes into account the specific pricebooks for a specific customer?

The answer to the much heard question: “can you send over an up to date list of your stock?”

Hi there,

Thanks for the question.
Breww has the ‘Products available for sale’ report, found at Reporting > Pre-built Sales reports. You can export this or save the page as a PDF. However, this doesn’t show prices, unfortunately.
The most professional-looking way to show your customers an automatically updated stock/price list would be by setting up a Breww Trade Store. The trade store has so many other time-saving uses, I’d really recommend checking it out!
Alternatively, we could look to add prices to the available products report, with the ability to select a specific price book.

Let me know your thoughts, or if you have any questions about the trade store.


I expected you plugging the Trade Store - i have to investigate this but it seems to me mostly interesting for direct sales to pubs/shops - it is not a good option for our wholesale clients as they are working with their own order systems. the 1% on top of wholesale discounts is also to much tbh.

My (wholesale) customers appreciate an excel with name, style, pricing, abv, plato (for export), container and stock so they can easily integrate it in their sales and invoicing systems

I was hoping not to manually make those anymore with Breww - the data is there so it should be able to unlock no?

Yes, do check out the trade store when you get a moment, but if it doesn’t work for you/your customers’ invoicing systems, we can definitely give you the ability to export an Excel file containing the data you mentioned. As you say, the data is there so it wouldn’t be too difficult to export it in the right format. I’ll discuss this with the team and add the report to the task list for you.

Let me know if there’s anything else you need.

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Hey Matt,

Hope to see this option happen - it is also a great feature to communicate across the board price increases to your customers (as is currently the case due to increasing cost).

I did realise that this only works for us if the pricebook overhaul (mentioned elsewhere) also includes an option to introduce different % for different products as our wholesales get a different discount of keg vs. small pack.

I guess I’ll have to make due with some manual labor for the time being.

Hi Gijs,

Yes, the price book overhaul will definitely include the ability to set different % discounts for different products within the same price book. I’ll keep you updated with progress on both these tasks, but unfortunately, I can’t promise anything very soon, as we have lots of high priority tasks in the pipeline for the new year.


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Hi, sidestepping the pricebook issue for now - i am in a desperate need to be able to generate a general overview showing the available stock including the standard pricing and with a filter option for type.

It would be a combination of the pre-built ‘Products available for sale’ and a product report (name, type, price) & BrewwQL = obsolete = False and type in (“Multi-pack”, “Keg”).

This should be easily possible?

You might be in luck! We’ve just added a price column to the available products report (Products > Tools & reports). There is also a price book drop-down menu at the top to choose which prices you’d like to see.

To make it even easier to quickly access, from any customer’s page you can use the handy link in the “Actions” menu. This will make sure to use the correct price book for the customer too.

Does this cover what you need? If not, we can look to help further with the custom report.

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haha. very lucky indeed. Very nicely done.

Only two qualms:
-I’d love to filter out type(s) - we do not do any single smallpack sales and do not want to offer these to my customers, although I’ve made them as product in breww as I gathered breww needed these for proper function

  • the aforementioned multiple discounts in pricebooks would be the cherry on the cake ofcourse

To ad to the feature requests/addition:

  • Filtering/sorting on type (in a seperate column in a sheet) would be also great
  • And for export customers the option to mention plato would be also a plus

Sorry for the slow response.

If you never wish to sell the smallpack single products, you can mark these as “Obsolete” to hide them from your product lists and this shouldn’t stop any functionality from working. You’ll no longer be able to split multi-packs into individual cans, but you shouldn’t need to if you never intend to sell them in this format.

Your other ideas for improving the customer price lists sound excellent :+1: Would you mind posting this in the feature requests section as then we can more easily keep track of the request and it allows for others to vote for your idea (which in turn affects prioritisation). Hint: Vote for the tasks you’d like done most as this will push them up the list :wink: